HBK Under The Knife

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by andrew_bishop, May 24, 2007.

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    Shawn Michaels underwent knee surgery yesterday afternoon. Recovering from the surgery, the Heart Break Kid will be unable to put any weight on the knee for one to two months. Rehabilitation will begin after that so it is possible that he could return late this summer, although that is if everything goes as good as possible.

    Michaels has been working through knee problems for well over a year when it became too much to handle when he landed awkwardly at ringside during a commercial break two weeks ago on RAW. He still tried working through the pain, but it reached a point where he had to break down and have the surgery. The good news is, once he is fully rehabilitated, his knee will be stronger and he will be in a lot less pain.

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    What did I tell you Andrew lol. I knew it was coming, it was suppose to happen last summer, but the WWE really wanted to do the whole DX thing so he postponed it, but now he cannot deal with it anymore. Hopefully he can come back sooner then later. Also I was glad the surgery went well.
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    Well I think he deserves sometime off and as much as I want to see him back I think he should take a full two months off , It's better for him.

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