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Being as I'm from the South(ish), I must admit, we have some of the nastiest food on the planet.

Except for desserts.

I figured it'd be fun to share a simple, delicious recipe that anypony can make.

Tools: Microwave-safe bowl, a tray, wax or parchment paper, and a fridge.

Ingredients: Chow Mein Noodles (dry, you can buy 'em in a bag anywhere), and some Butterscotch chips. (Not those little candies, but a bag of the chips. I know that seems obvious, but I've had people try to make them with it, and I want to be thorough.) That's all.

a. Melt the butterscotch (The simplest way to do this is to put some chips in a bowl, put 'em in the microwave on high for 15 seconds. Take them out, mix with a a whisk or fork a bit, and repeat. As you repeat this, you can add more chips)
b. When it's good and creamy (ladies), mix in the chow mein. Just shuffle it out of the bag, and stir them in, make sure they're good and covered. Keep adding noodles until almost all the butterscotch is drenched over noodles.
c. using a large spoon, plop out clumps of this mix onto the parchment/wax paper on the tray, usually around 3 inches in diameter is a manageable size of the clumps, but it's up to you.
d. lick all the warm, gooey butterscotch off the bowl/fork/spoon vigorously. (Optional, of course)
e. Place them in the fridge. It varies from fridge to fridge, but usually about 2 hours is enough time. Enough to let the butterscotch get firm.
f. Take bite, collapse on the ground from a mouthgasm.

There you guy, a delicious little thing good for like potlucks, or offices, parties, or when you want something delicious.
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