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Movies Hayden Christensen is "Jumper"


Secret Agent
Staff member
From the director of the Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs Smith comes a movie that is bound to have you on the edge of your seat.

Apple - Trailers - Jumper - Large

Oh yeah, and it stars Hayden Christensen, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker/Young Darth Vader AND Samuel L. Jackson from the recent Star Wars installments. (Ok Mr. Jackson isn't KNOWN for Star Wars but I thought it would be funny to slap him into that sentence too because he is, in fact, in this movie as well).

Anyway, watch the trailer. I haven't seen this advertised much so it could be a sleeper hit but it does look very cool from what the trailer shows us.


Registered Member
That looks like it might be a good movie. I am not sure about it yet, but the trailer does look good.


Forum Drifter
I'll be going to see it because it'll be free. I don't have too much hope for it though. I really do hope it surprises me.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

Is there anyone else on these forums that are excited to see this film? I really am to see it. It's going to an amazing movie in my opinion, looks like there's a lot of amazing scenes in that movie and the storyline is really cool in my opinion. The cast is also amazing, I'm a big fan on Samuel L Jackson. So it should be an exciting, thrilling movie.


Here's the trailer.

YouTube - Jumper Trailer - World Premiere
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