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Having the "bad eye"


I'm not sure if I'm using the right expression, it's just that I don't know how you guys say it in English.

What I'm trying to say is that whenever I like something about someone [mainly objects] they get ruined or disappear.
It can start from little things [body accessories - necklace, earrings] to bigger things like dresses/shirts/skirts.. that become unusable after I express my preference about them. A friend just told me yesterday that I'd rather shut up and say nothing even when I like what she's wearing/using. She doesn't like my compliments anymore because she's afraid something bad will happen to her stuff.

Have you heard of similar cases?
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that sounds like a jinx. You're bad luck, Elly.

I firmly believe in the jinx, even though I'm not otherwise superstitious. I don't like to talk about plans that I have for fear that I'll jinx it. When I still had my old car (it was 10 years old), I wouldn't ever say anything about how reliable it had been for me unless I could touch wood after I said it, for fear of jinxing it.


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Jinx is real! Once you being it out into the open there is PRESSURE to make sure it isn't affected. No one can do well under pressure!


Embrace the Suck
In Spanish it's simply called "El Ojo" or the eye. I guess it's kind of like the evil eye in English.

The belief is something like if you look something like say an object or even a child, you have to be careful and run your hand gently over the object or the child so the object doesn't get lost or fall down or the child doesn't get sick. You can cure someone who has the power of El Ojo by going to a curandero, something like a witch doctor. I wasn't raised believing in it don't believe in it at all.


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I believe in some of the jinx crappus. Like Jeanie, I won't say anything bad about something, for fear it will go out on me. But I'm also one of those people that says "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all".....*sigh*


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That's called Evil Eye in English, I believe. As previously mentioned by Dabs, I too, refuse to say anything about someone just in case karma comes back.


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Personally, I've never heard of this happening or having someone think it's happening to them among my friends or family in the U.S. I'm really not a superstitious guy, so I don't really buy into jinxes. Which is probably a good thing for my sanity because of all the health issues I've had along the way.

I wish I could have met my Great-Grandma, she grew up in Romania (she was German, but born there) and came over to the U.S. in the early 1900s. I'm sure there would have been something like this that she would have known about.

"The Evil Eye" reminds me of the kind of things that would come from "old country" traditions (fyi, many European immigrants that came to the U.S. would call their home countries "the old country," I think especially in Germany/Eastern Europe. Not sure 100% of how many people did it across nationalities).

It also reminds me of a patient at the nursing care facility that I had done my practicum (internship) at before graduation. She was from Germany, but had come to the U.S. when she was a teenager. She had told me that her mother had said that the color green is "good for the eyes." I love hearing about old traditions, superstitions, etc. Not that this one is "old" per say, because obviously people still follow it.


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lol when I saw this thread title I thought bad eye meant "lazy eye" or something along those lines haha

I don't think I literally believe in jinxes but I am conscious about them for some reason. Like if I'm watching a sport I don't say certain things in order to not jinx something from happening. For the most part I feel stupid thinking where I'm sitting or what I say has any affect on well, anything.