Having Fun At Work


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Do you try and enjoy yourself at work?

Are you in an environment or profession that allows you to have a little fun?

Do you ever socialise with work colleagues?

I work at an Insurance Company so things on the whole are fairly professional and serious. Though we do try to keep things friendly amongst the staff and sometimes we have a laugh and such. Sometimes at lunch times we'll go down the pub and share a bottle of wine.

I doubt I'll ever properly socialise with any of my colleagues as it wouldn't seem right, it's best to keep things professional and don't mix business with pleasure.


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Only a select few will I socialize with because most everybody here at the hospital are back stabbers. That being said I try to stay away from them all and their idiosyncrasies and mind my own effin business when possible because it just causes more problems if you butt in.


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I have a horrible time at my work, I hate my job more than probably anything else I've ever hated in my life!
It's so tense and stressful there that I don' think anyone there enjoys it!
And sometimes my coworkers and I will talk, but generally I work rather isolated.


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I mostly mind my own business. Plus most of the people in my department are 20+ years older than me. Most of the people here have been working together for 30 years. Everybody loves my impressions of other people though, so they come to me for entertainment during a gathering.


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My best friend works at the same place I work, so we socialize a lot and when we work together, we usually do absolutely nothing because we end up just messing around.

The managers and owners know we have best friends so they usually don't let us do stuff together, but we still end up doing stuff together. Sit in the one big freezer, drink some soda and talk about what everyone else is doing, and that people are probably looking for us right now.

With another friend of mine that works there, we usually go back into the frozen foods cooler and eat ice cream for a little bit. For whatever reason, we always eat Oreo Ice Cream sandwiches.


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I work as an office assistant at the University I attend. Everyone in my office has 35+ years on me. I don't enjoy myself and I do not share anything about my life, I just get to hear about how they were and how they acted while in college. I just sit back and listen, do my job, and then leave.


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I work at Arbys, and yes, we have so much fun!

Seriously, work is nothing but me laughing from the moment I clock in, to the moment I clock out and have to walk out the door.


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I try and have fun at work but its a proffesional environment so that makes it kind of hard. I'll occasionally have a joke with my workmates but considering that they're all atleast 20 years older than me and are on completely different wave lengths to me it doesnt happen very often. Most of the time they're all moaning about the state of my generation, and their kids. I wouldn't even think about socialising with any of them...the end of year xmas dinner was strained enough. I don't like to mix work and social life anyway...I dont see how it works that you mix something you dread getting up to each day, and what you look forward to while at work.


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We have loads of fun at work. LOADs of fun. I don't look forward to the day that I have to go to a non-fun workplace. Oh noes...