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Having family over or going to a family members house


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I was just curious to know whenever you go to a family members house or your the one receiving the family...do you have a special place/room where you always go to chit chat? Or does it change everytime you see each other. I'm only asking because whenever I go to a family member house we always chit chat in the basement...nowhere else.


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The ladies usually congregate in the kitchen (since we all offer to help when we get together for meals) and them men in the family room or dinning room. Once the meal is threw everyone talks where ever they like there is no set room for socialising.


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Everybody always hangs out in the family room or kitchen when they're over at my house. At my relatives' houses it's usually in some sort of living room/family room.


yellow 4!
No, there's no particular place, all over really. Outside if it's a nice day, in the kitchen if there's food involved, the lounge if there's lots of us, dining room on special occasions.. I think you get the picture :lol:

When we have ALL the family over (i.e. birthdays or bonfire/firework night) then there's people in all the different rooms of the house (downstairs, not up).


rainbow 11!
The living room or back patio, really. Right now I have family over and they are in the living room! But they keep moving back and forth because smokers have to smoke on the back patio.


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Well my brother pretty much answered the question, when we go to a relative it's mostly spent in the basement, but when we get family over or just company in general it's always spent in the living room or kitchen.


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We generaly talk anywere. usualy never in the basement(but that's cuz we hardly are down there).


Babeasaurus Sex
In my family (close and extended) we always manage to spend at least 30 minutes chatting in the kitchen...doesn't matter who's house we're at. Lol!

Mostly we just follow each other around...haha we're all far too hyper to stay in one place!


Whether I go or they come, we stay in the living room chatting and laughing.
Youngsters or oldsters ..it doesn't matter. We get along pretty fine!