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Having Cancer


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Has anyone here had a family member or a friend or maybe themselves, have a battle with cancer??
Do you take any extra precautions for yourself, to try and make sure cancer doesn't ever become a part of your life??
I know there are no miracle pills to keep from getting cancer, but of course smoking is bad for you as well as drinking, and many other factors.
In my life, I am surrounded by cancer.
On my Mother's side, I lost my Grandfather to cancer, my Grandmother to cancer, My beautiful Mother as well....also my Mother's older brother and her younger sister, all died from that fucking disease.
Then, on my real Dad's side, my Dad died of liver cancer, he basically drank himself to death, he died at age 54.
And all of the people I mentioned above on my Mother's side, all of them except my Aunt, all died at the age of 66.
My Aunt lived to be 68.
So, I'm kinda wondering if that is going to be my route out!
I have never smoked and I have never drank alcohol.....well no beer, occasionally I like a mixed drink :)
I like to think I'm pretty healthy now, but getting cancer is scary, as I've had to deal with it personally myself.
It's not fun, and it's hard to live with and watch a loved one go thru.
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I've had a couple of family members in the past couple of years die from it, mostly aunts.

There's no way you can actually prevent yourself from getting it. You can be the healthiest person in the world and go to the doctors one day and have them tell you that you've got it.

I don't think I'll have a chance to get it, but I don't think I'll live past 40 years old myself.


Problematic Shitlord
My father was diagnosed with it this year, it's made life a bit hard to say the least. The good thing is we caught it early and my great uncle survived the same type so we have genetics on our side.


Living in Ikoria
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A close friend of mine is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma as we speak (98% survival rate, so definitely stoked about that!)...my Aunt had breast cancer in the past, and her husband had died from stomach cancer.

As far as myself, I'm realistic in understanding that cancer can hit anyone at any age with or without bad habits - I try to be as healthy as I can (Limited drinking, no smoking, going to the gym). I just had a kidney transplant last New Year's (for anyone that doesn't know that part of me, feel free to pick my brain. Very open about my health experiences), so that's really what I think of at this point in my life. Keeping my new kidney healthy and keeping my numbers up.

I do worry about my dad sometimes, he just quit smoking about 2 months ago after doing it his whole life (he's almost 70), so I can't help but think about his lungs.


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My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with it at age 82. It was still in its early stages, but it wasn't her cause of death. My great paternal grandmother passed away from breast cancer a few years after I was born, so knowing that a family member had it at one point, has made me take better care of myself. I have myself regularly checked, just to be on the safe side.

Oh and Dabs I hate to be picky, but why do you have a 'winky face' next to the thread title? Cancer isn't really a "winking" matter.


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oh, i am sorry to hear that.none of my family member has a battle with cancer, and i do not think cancer can become a part of my life. taking regular exercise, and to be happy everyday is the best way to prevent cancer from us, in my view.


Sally Twit
My Grandpa died of it when I was 2 which was really sad as I never got to know him and I've been told how great he was as I grew up.

My mum had skin cancer but thankfully she is still here.


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My Grandpa died of it when I was 2 which was really sad as I never got to know him and I've been told how great he was as I grew up.

My mum had skin cancer but thankfully she is still here.

Yes, you are lucky and so is she I'm sure :)
When I heard the word "terminal" from the doctor's mouth, it was on a nasty day in late October.
I asked the doctor how long she has, and I was told maybe 3 months.
Mother came home under Hospice care on a November 1.
On November 14, I lost her :(
We had 2 weeks..and I always wish, I could have had the 3 months.


rainbow 11!
I had someone close to me pass away last year on July 10th from lung cancer


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I had someone close to me pass away last year on July 10th from lung cancer

I'm so sorry Iris.
I know the pain.
My Mother passed away from lung cancer, my real Dad died from liver cancer and my SF was eaten with the shit, he had leukemia, lymphoma, cancer in his testes, his liver, his colon....it had spread massively.
Mother didn't seem to be in pain......she was at home with us, and she was happy to have us all with her, especially me.
I am her only daughter, and I was with her thru all of her chemo and radiation and every day when she came home.
There is no way to prepare yourself to lose a loved one.
Now my SF, he suffered.....I watched him in the hospital, and he was moaning and jerking and trying so hard to talk to me, all I could do was stand there and cry and tell him I loved him.
Needless to say, losing them both, changed my entire life....I haven't been the same~