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Having an enemy


The return shall be legenday!
I was watching this Seinfeld episode which made me think about this thread. How would you react if you knew there was someone out there hated your guts so much they'd do anything in their powers to make your lefe a living hell?
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I have had a few serious enemy's in the past, the type that would willingly have a go at starting something if they saw me in the street, and I can honestly say it was not fun.

The last real enemy I had was I guy I barred from a bar I was working, for months he was like an itch I could not scratch.
He would shout abuse at me in the street, if he had had a drink he would try and get physical and nine times out of ten I would walk away, not going to lie a couple of times when he started I banged his lights out.

He spread rumours about me and my family, even going so far as to tell the police that I was a drug dealer, that was the last straw for me and things came to a head.

After I had dealt with that issue he moved to a different area and things settled down.
The best thing I have learnt from these episodes is that life is to short to fret over someone else's attitude towards you, even more so when you have done nothing to them in the first place.


still nobody's bitch
I don't have any enemies, nor is there really anyone I hate. There is some animosity toward certain individuals who have wronged me and mine, but I don't hate anyone.

I'm trying to figure out which Seinfeld episode it was. :hmm:


Babeasaurus Sex
I would imagine my "enemies" would only come out of the woodwork if I ever got famous...

:) To date I have none but I would be really freaked out if someone REALLY hated me...


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I don't have anyone that hates me and I don't hate anyone, I get along with people pretty easy.


Sally Twit
If they had good reason to hate me then I wouldn't try and change their mind about me. I wouldn't let them ruin my life either. If you show them that they are bothering you then they will only continue. If you ignore it then they'll get bored eventually.


I'm serious
I am not aware of anyone who might hate me, but I don't want anyone hating me, so if there was someone I was aware of, I would try and resolve their issues with me. If it can't be resolved, at least I know I tried from my side. Hatred can eat at a person, so if they want to be like that, all the power to them!


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if they hate me i doubt theyd be close enough to me to make my life a living hell

plus, its not like i have a proper job at the moment (student!), so the person cant be in a position of power in the workplace to halt my progress there. so all in all right now, if somebody hates me its their own burden :)


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I wound up quitting a job at a as a legal secretary because the other legal sec. in the office was a rancid bitch. Sorry, she really was. I dreaded going to work every day and after 9 months I just couldn't deal with her meanness/attitude/insults/games anymore. I turned in my 2 week notice and I've been so much happier since then.

It's so weird though, because never before and not since have I met anyone I couldn't get along with. Yet that one woman... sheesh! I didn't realize people could be so nasty.
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I used to have an 'enemy'. It was a girl who I never got along with in school, just by looking at each other we knew we didn't like each other. We have been in a few fist fights over the years, but it seems to have cooled off recently, and I haven't seen her around. There was definitely tension when we were both in a room together.