Having a Good Day!


Son of Liberty
Not that any of you goobers care, but I'm having a good day!

Just found out I've nailed about 4 of the last 7 big contracts that I sent proposals out for. Its been rough trying to get working going and it seems like we're finally back on track!

Today is friday! This has been an uber-stressful week for me and I'm so fugging glad its almost over. Cranked out an 80million dollar High School in less than a day, a project like that should have been given a week to work on, but our Contractors decided that they didnt want it on the date they gave me, they wanted it 6 days earlier!

so yes, as much as I want to punch people who say TGIF....



It's not me, it's you.

I'm having a rather good day myself.

It's Friday, the boss is gone, and I'm just messing around. Not even George calling me to brag about being on xbl affected me. I've watched a few videos, and I'm leisurely reorganizing my files.

I'm doing well in mma, and will probably get into the more advanced class in 2-3 weeks. I did a perfect arm bar on a man much bigger than me when he had me in his guard. Men think my mma uniform is sexy. I've gotten hit on quite a bit when I've gone somewhere afterwards.

it's a 3 day weekend. woot!