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Have you tried the Oculus Rift?


Secret Agent
Staff member
First of all, I'' not spending $800 on a video game system. That being said, give this thing five years and I might be willing to change my mind.

I tried the Oculus Rift at Best Buy a few days ago and it was quite fun. The games were gimmicky and the graphics were only alright, but I could see how this could be the way people will game in the future once they iron out the details. I loved how it felt like my hands were in the game. The controls were a bit cumbersome, but I feel I would have gotten used to them if I had more than 10 minutes to demo it.

Once the game selection is better and the graphics are 4K (and you can't see out right above your nose), this will be something worth spending some time playing with.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Ive never tried Oculus Rift but I have the Vive and I love it. Shooting zombies took on whole new meaning. A lot more fun when you have them running at you in VR than on a flat screen.

I started to try the roller coaster but it took about two seconds for me to see I was going to get sick.lol