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Have You Seen This Game


New Member
Greetings. Does anyone remember a game wherin the figures were miniture snipers. My sons and I would visit the local game arcade and play teams for hours. It was 1989, 99. The name may have been "Strike Force" or "Rats". ?? The The game snipers were miniture and the wheapons started out a hand gun then points allowed you to obtain a rifle and so on. The battle field was a kithcen. yes, a regulat household kithen. The snipers could see each other (players) and climb run hide shoot, from the top cabinet, bottom etc. One could hide in the sink water between dirty dishes, next to coffee pot and so on. As the snipers would climb inside the secret passages to get to and from each shelve or kithen space, they would encounter an apponent and be forced to "take him out". Ok, long story short, I am having surgery and have purchaced several games and none of them are keeping my interest. The game here I am reffering to allows the sniper to act in a more realistic way (all except for the kitchen atmosphere) in that he waits, sneaks hides then takes out his target, all the while knowing he must not be seen or he will become the target.. If anyone remembers this game title and or how/where to get a copy i would be forever greatfull. [email protected] Thanks