Have You Made Money from Google AdSense?


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I just recently opened a Google AdSense account and was curious about other users experiences with it.

Have you made any money using AdSense?

What would be your advice for developing my 34 different domains using AdSense and relevant content for each domain?

Any and all info is appreciated.




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Adsense is alright, but if you are making a site just to put Adsense on it you might be out of luck these days. Google has pretty intense programs to catch such sites and put them in what they call the Google sandbox. This means they will check your site periodically and see if it has relevant content added, diverse traffic, etc, and if so they might allow it to show up in the search results in Google. Otherwise if they don't let you out of the sandbox you might never show up in search results, or at least never very high.

One thing that Google does like though is if you create blogs on these domains. Blogs work well because you can update them easily, and users can join, post comments, etc. Google views blogs as better than just a simple site with articles on it with keywords for Adsense.

Hope that makes sense. I've been around the block a few times so I can probably clear anything up if it's confusing. :)


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After further review of your post, I believe I will use these domains to create a blog with AdSense built in. At least this way, they can be easily updated, generate traffic, and can be developed further as they each progress.



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Cool. Feel free to take a look at some of my blogs in my sig if you need ideas for AdSense placement. I haven't updated any of these blogs in a while so I don't make much from them but maybe once I get some more free time I'll get back into it.


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Here is a real world situation where you can make a profitable blog with little work.

I found a guy that had a health blog that was offering post for $3. Good solid pr3 blog with a few ads around. I wrote a short piece with a few links to one of my sites.

He wins because:
-He makes $3 for doing nothing.
-He gets good relevant content that drives traffic.

I win because:
-I get a permanent pr3 backlink for $3.
-I get a little bit of traffic from his site.

At $3, you could get a post/day pretty easy. $3+a few dollars off adsense. Its not a lot, but its very little work and multiplied by 20 and it looks better. Plus, if your site goes to pr4, you charge more and if/when it hits pr5 you could probably charge $25+.