Have you lost faith?


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After seeing A Rod admit that he took steroids, it really effected me. I was amazed by his game, and the way that he hit all those home runs.

I was wondering if you guys have lost faith on players being clean in this day an age, and during the last 20 years or so?

I am not only talking about steroids, I am sure there's more muscle enhancement drugs that players can take, and aren't detectable.

I personally believe there's a good chunk of players out there that have that natural hitting ability, and don't need any muscle enhancements to make it go further.



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See I wasn't shocked when I heard A-Rod was on roids and quite frankly since he admitted to it I've already gotten past it. Bonds, Clemens, McGwire...guys like that are the ones I look down upon.

Did A-Rod only admit it because his name was leaked? Sure. Would he had owned up if it had NOT been leaked? No chance in hell. But he was honest about it (we think) and did say he was sorry.

I believe 75-80% of baseball players used something during the 90s or 2000s. Just an assumption...no hard facts there. People had to do it to keep up or risk losing their job...the temptation was probably too high for most to ignore. I am offended by this? No. Do I blame them? No. Does it suck? Yes.

Bud Selig is to blame. Somehow we have to get past this and clean up the game.


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There are alot of players I could name that I don't think took steroids or any wrong substance. Like David Wright. He doesn't hit astoundingly, but he hits consistantly. Therefore I don't think he took any sort of performance enhancer.


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I think the closest I've ever come to losing faith in the game was in 94. When it comes to baseball as well as with football (where you know there have to be a good number of guys juicing on something) I'm pretty well convinced that I won't ever lose faith in the game. When the hockey lockout occured a few years back I'll admit to a short term break up, I knew I'd start watching again, but my interest has weened because of it.


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I haven't lost faith really. There's still many great (IMO) baseball players that are great but are not on anything. Ryan Howard. David Ortiz. Prince Fielder.


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Its not that I have lost the face, I just take it less seriously. Like Ryuk mentioned a short term breakup with the NHL after the lockout.... With baseball now, I feel like I've been lied and cheated on... will I ever be able to really look at it the same? Probably not. But just the fact that they go this long without any remorse about juicing and just otherwise tainting the game... I dunno I just feel lied and betrayed to, what happened to the good Ol' days when players played because they loved the game. Now its more than obvious its all about the money when they are willing to risk their bodies for immediete success with the Juice.


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I haven't lost faith. I like icegoat feel betrayed and lied to, but I think that now that it's so out in the open and so many player's careers have been tainted by it, that it will make the players realize that they have to perform without them or risk their careers. I think it's sad that so many participated and are now having to pay the piper, but if anything positive can come from this, maybe baseball will get back to the great sport that it's always been without the enhancing drugs. Nope, I haven't lost faith.


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I have not felt betrayed, because, oddly enough, noen of the players who cheated were my personal favorites, but it doesn't help the game of baseball.

Bottom line, baseball was struggling to recover from the strike of 1994, which nearly destroyed the gam, and Bud Selig was aware of the players juicung, but allowed it to happen.

What really gets at me though is the fact that while these players were cheating, taking whatever they could to try and extend their careers long after they should have retired, is that it hurt players coming up from the minor leagues by letting them rot in AAA instead of showing their wares in the big leagues. The utter selfishness of these guys came back to bite them, as they are now all going to be denied hall entry, and rghtfully so.


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Yes, I have lost faith, but long before A-Rod admitted to using steroids. So many big names have been caught, so many have lied. There's no way to trust anyone that they're clean. The sport has lost its integrity, the same way cycling has. If someone's good, chances are they're using performance enhancing drugs. It's sad.