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Have you lived up to the expectations of your parents?


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My parents never had any expectations of me which for me personally is a great thing as I hate pressure put upon me to succeed so I do everything at my own pace and at my own will. I have finished High school, just about to finish Uni as well, got two jobs that I love so I think I am doing quite well in the expectations area, I know they are and always will be proud of me no matter what. As long as I am happy, they are happy.


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like yours, my parents never pressured me whatsoever. it's not that I feel they don't expect me to ever amount to anything, lol, but more that they'll support me no matter what. they're extremely supportive and that in itself makes me want to do well and make them proud.


Sally Twit
All my parents expected, and still do expect, is that I'll never give up on my dreams. They have supported me from the start and constantly tell me that I make them proud.

I was only ever pressured once, and that was to find a job. I decided I deserved time off after I finished school haha. I was lazy and it got to a point where my dad was shouting me at midday to make sure I wasn't dead. I didn't come out of my bedroom very much.
They gave me a reality check when I was 18, and motivated me to find a job. I remember it very well.. I didn't give up until I found one.


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I never felt like my parents had expectations weighing on me, other than being good to people and hoping that I can live a good life. I know that through my work and how far I've come while fighting with my health along the way that I've met any they had in that regard. I guess the only that I haven't would be attending Church regularly, I'm not good at that lol.


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My parents never set standards for us either, but they certainly encouraged us to have goals and to be happy most of all. I think it helped my siblings and I excell in the places we wanted to. I'm going to do the same with my kids, I want them to be happy and to do things that they enjoy but also things that reward them.


My parents, especially my Mum never really pressured me into anything or pushed me into a certain career etc. My Mum is proud of me though, she was really proud when I got accepted into animation school, she knew it was a dream of mine so she was really happy for me.


Son of Liberty
Education was a big thing in my house, hard work and good grades was expected and I'm glad it was. They've always supported me no matter what and I was blessed to have the upbringing that I did.


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I dunno, I guess. I mean, my parents never pressured me beyond the little things (stop flunking High School, for instance). I know there are some things they wished I did, but I never got the impression it was an "Expectation".

I know one thing that really made me sad after my mom died was when I realized she would never see it if my brothers or I ever get married or have kids. I know that would have meant a lot to her.


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I was never pressured by my parents. Both my parents were very liberal and decided to give me the freedom to plan out my future at a reasonably younger age. I didn't have any careers plans or goals etched out for me. It was all fine, I managed to graduate high school with honors, graduated from UBC with flying colors and even with smaller college courses, I managed to finish and get out into the practicum field before the majority of the class.

But I think in a way, it kinda backfired too. Because now, even though my educational resume looks great and I have a career and job that pays well - my life still lacks direction. I'm not quite happy with my job, and if I were to go back to school, I'd have no idea what to do. I feel like I'm not fulfilling my full potential.


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My mother is more of a free spirit and didn't really set any expectations on me, although she did expect me to get good grades and study. That wasn't really an issue for me because I wanted to do that anyway. I think it was me being competitive. I always got straight A's.

My father had all sorts of expectations for me, and I don't think I lived up to one of them. He expected me to not have sexual relations before marriage, get married and have kids, go to church, etc. The only thing I did was get married, but then I got divorced 6 years later. He still tries to get me to go to church, but I always refuse.