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Have you heard of this idea???? What do you think???


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Honest opinion? I think that eating bunnies is a "natural" thing to do. Would I do it? I eat cows.. what's stopping me from trying rabbit? Do I necessarily support eating "pets?" No, but if he wants to, then sure. I'm not stopping him, and I'm definitely not paying to stop him.


Do I support him holding his bunny for extortion and taking advantage of people who happen to not want to see a bunny die? NOOO!!

That is the problem I have with him. He has made abut $25,000 in donations so far. Unless he gets $50,000 by some date later in the summer, he says he will eat the bunny. So what if he does. It's extremely natural for rabbits to be killed in the wild and eaten by other animals. Heck, it's not that odd for a person to eat one either. So some dude is going to eat his and now we should pay him $50,000 not to? I don't think so.

Eating a rabbit is perfectly legal, and I have no problem with it. Saying pay me or else I eat it is one completely seperate thing. I think the people who are paying are stupid.

Here's the biggest reason why I say just let him eat it. Once he gets his $50,000, what's stopping him from turning around the very next day and posting a random for $100,000 for the next 6 months? I can totally see that happen. I say don't give this guy another penny.
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Agree with Andrew....the guy is an ass. Although he didn't exactly say that..... :) My hubby is a hunter and we've had a rabbit or two in our house (he ate it....not me.....I don't eat anything that doesn't come with plastic on top and a price tag)! Around here rabbit hunting is pretty popular. (and what a wimp....if you're going to eat your little bunny then you shouldn't have to take it to the butcher shop to be skinned)! Do I like the idea of that cute little bunny being eaten? Of course not! The guy claims to love his bunny.....gee I'd hate to be his friend or family member! Anyway all this babbling boils down to I agree with the extortion thing and I don't think he'll eat it either way. He could just go to the grocery store and buy rabbit if he needs to show proof (I see it here in the meat case every so often....but that's a tiny bunny. What you buy in the store is much bigger.....maybe you could tell)? So my 3 cents worth is take back all the money, let him do what he's going to do (and I really don't think he will) and send him nasty emails about his idea :)


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Im sorry, but that is just sick. I couldnt even read too far past the "hes gonna die, Im gonna eat him" part of it.


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I've seen this before. I'm a big Glenn Beck fan. (glennbeck.com) About 2 or 3 years ago, Glenn released his 1st book.
Some background before I go further, Glenn Beck was the first national talk show to bring the Teri Schievo case national. Glenn was actually responsible for changing Jeb Bush's mind on the subject. He is a good friend of the familty and actually spoke at her funeral. -or memorial, the funeral was a secret her 'husband' kept.
So anyway, at the time Glenn was releasing the book, he was angry nobody seemed to care about the Teri Schievo case. He started annoucing to his audience that he was going to be making a point through a fictional story in the next few days. So in a few days, he annouced that he had bought a dog and would kill it on the air unless his book was ranked #1 in the NYT. After a week of playing it uo, he 'killed' bobo on the air.
Even though he had plainly told the audience about the it would be a joke, all hell broke loose. PETA, greenpeace, ect. all went nuts and almost got him pulled from a few stations. After a few days, Glenn made the point that people would stand up and protest a dog being killed, but nobody would help Teri's fight. Very good stuff. Here's the link where bobo died and some other good stuff - http://www.glennbeck.com/audio/free-audio.shtml.

Personally, I think its kinda funny - I shoulda thought of it.


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I think that this con-artist is trying to rip people off. He is holding this bunny hostage, and unless he gets his money, the bunny will be killed. Like in real life, what is to prevent him from killing the bunny after he gets his money. He got his money, so why would he need the bunny?


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I think it is just horrible! It just made me sick to read that :(