Have you heard about the Job Corps before?


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Does anyone have any experience with the Job Corps? My mom says I should join them because it is a very good opportunity for me. I think it looks very good but I have never been away from home before. I am 22 and don't have a job and am really going nowhere at my community college which is why my mom suggested it. One thing that worries me though is that I am currently seeing an orthodontist cause I have braces. I see him once a month and don't know how joining the job corps would affect the appointments since his office is right next to where I live now and the job corp center is 30 mins away and I don't have a license to drive. Does anyone have any personal information about this I might need to know?

Anyone who doesn't know what it is:
It's only for people age 16-24.
You get trained for free in any Field you want.
They help find you a job in any way possible for up to 18 months after you graduate(includes finding housing, finding rides to work, etc...).
You have to live at their training center(this is what bothers me)
You can have up to 8 roommates
It's a 1-2 year program(depending on what you wanna learn)
They give you an allowance to buy food and clothing for work with
They give an allowance for the training you do and the more advanced you get in it the higher the allowance.


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My friend was in Job Corps. He got training in culinary arts. I do remember him saying he had to living at the training center. He had two roommates. He worked in a few restaurants after the Job Corps. He later went to community college and became a surveyor. I'll ask him about Job Corps next time I talk to him.


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Anyone know of any specific requirements for joining the Job Corps? What do I need to qualify? What exactly is it like in the Job Corps?