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Have you ever read the bible cover to cover?


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I ask because it's something I plan on starting this weekend when I get my paycheck. I've read Genesis but not much further. I want to get some real insight into the faith and after reading other religious texts such as the Bahgvad Ghita and some Taoist writings, I figure it would only make sense to read some of the bible.

Anyone else read it? Did it change your views on Christianity? What kinds of insights did it give you?

This is not a thread for "rating" the bible. It is not a free shot at Christianity either so go away if you plan to do such. It's not about the validity or anything like that.


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I've read the whole thing, although not in order (in fact, it's often recommended that you not read it in order).

The church I used to attend has a program called Awana for 3rd - 12th graders. When you get to high school, there's a Bible reading part where you read 1/4th of the Bible each of the 4 years you're in HS.

Although I will admit that I may have missed a few verses. I honestly tried to read everything, but if I was tired and it was in a more boring section, my eyes would sometimes glaze over and I'd lose my spot. Or I'd read it without it really registering.


Problematic Shitlord
I also forgot to add that I love mythology and thus, theology so I'm hoping not to lose interest as I go. I think I'm going to try and find a reference bible just to get further historical insights as I go along.

Which version did you read?


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I usually read the New American Standard Bible, but my house has multiple copies of New International Version, King James Version, New King James Version, etc - not to mention topical Bibles, study Bibles, concordances, etc, so sometimes I'd just grab one and sit down. And sometimes I would have a question about a passage, so I'd check another translation to see if it clarified things.

From what I've heard, NASB is supposed to be the closest to the originals - often they would put in things as a direct translation, rather than rearranging things to better fit modern English. NIV is supposed to be easier to understand (and paraphrases even easier, but they're paraphrases). But since I'm pretty familiar with the KJV, which is one of the harder ones*, NASB was no problem for me.

(I should also mention that I've only read a small portion of the Catholic Apocrypha - I really should get around to that sometime)

* - I did notice that being used to KJV seemed to make reading Shakespeare in school a lot easier. I was used to all those 'Thee's and 'Thou's
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Yes. The Psalms are like Confusicism. Little lessons in life that are full of wisdom. That's because in the 1st century Jersalem was the cradle of all religions. The Bible is beautiful. Genesis contains the story of evolution.


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My only caution is it starts out great then gets very tedious for a few books such as Lamentations, then gets much more interesting. Just didn't want you to get bogged down in the WTH are these books talking about. As Wade said generally its recommended not to read it cover to cover, however if you're not reading it specifically for religious reasons then the cover to cover approach is a good strategy.

Oh yeah, yes I have done it a few times. My personal choice for cover to cover would be New King James. The Message is also good if you want to go with a 21st Century read. Those 2 versions are vastly different though so I'd recommend reading a book on biblegateway of each before deciding.


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Yeah Lamentations is pretty boring (to say the least) another extremely boring book for me (or 2 books actually) was Leviticus and Numbers.

I really like the books of Daniel and 1 & 2 Kings.

I'd recommend getting an easy to understand Bible like NIV or New American Standard, something that doesn't resemble old English. :lol: The New Century Version (NCV) is another really great one as far as easy to understand.

It's a long long read but I'm sure you can handle it, good luck.
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I own the "New International Bible". I have read only parts of it but never the whole thing. It was my intent to read it all the way through, but my interest for it went away. I have this for myself more as a "curiosity" item to learn and understand more about Christianity.


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At one point I considered reading through the torah, bible and koran. They are the books which have probably had the most impact on human history afterall.

I can read things that most people find extremely tedious, but I couldn't even make it past genesis.


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Nope skipped to the end.

They say a lot of Christians would be suprized by what is in the Bible.

I grew up in a small town where it was respected as God's word.