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Game Cube Have you ever played Animal Crossing?


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I havent played this game in a long time... Im kinda afraid to put it in and see how many weeds I have in my village lol!

I played this game for a long time, mostly trying to unlock the NES games. I had about 5 when I stopped playing, then used a cheating device to unlock other games that I really couldnt..

There were versions of Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda, that to this day, nintendo hasnt revealed how to unlock in the game.

Other unlockable NES games

Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong Jr. Math
DK Jr.
Clu Clu Land D
Donkey Kong 3
Wario Woods
Ice Climber
Mario Bros


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How much does Animal Crossing go for these days? I'd like to pick it up if I could.


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AC is a players choice title I believe... you should be able to find it new for 20... used for as little as 13


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I never got animal crossing on the cube, sadly, but when I heard it was comming to DS I thought, even better : ) So yeah, I will be getting it on DS


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I really suggest you give this title a whirl DK, especially if you have a GBA you can link up to your GC!

And if you dont have a NES, you get to play alot of great games, and if you have a Action Replay, you can unlock SMB and Zelda... Ive played through Zelda completly on AC (usually takes me a little more than 2 hours to complete)


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Will the DS version have the nes games too? I haven't heard much about the DS version actually, I assume it is still online?

Then again, the cube version carnt cost much, it is indeed a players choice title. Would need to pick up a micro to link up with, mind ^_^


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I have played it, but I haven't played it for so long that by now there probably wont be a bit of space that wont have a weed on it. Unless my game got deleted.


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I almost got it back when it came out, but kinda lost interest in it and ended up never playing it. Does it still come with a free memory card?


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the last time I saw it on the shelf it did still come with the memory card... I dont know about the 'players choice' package though, as I havent seen one


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The DS version has no nes games in it, but other than that it is meant to be just as good as the cube version, even improve on some of the cubes short comings.