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Have you ever met someone in person you met online?


Registered Member
I have never done this as of yet. I've always been afraid to meet them even at a bar due to the awful things you hear about happening. Has anyone here ever done it and what happened? I'm interested to find out!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yes, over 40, easily. Most of them are from Twitter or Online dating. But, I have also met @Jeanie from this forum this past summer.

I have met a bunch of great people from Twitter - mostly, Jays fans. I plan on meeting a lot more during the next few summers. 95% of them have been great people.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yes, both through this site and online dating. Most of the world we live in is online. The days of meeting people from the Internet automatically being a taboo or unsafe thing are generally over. It’s just the same as meeting anybody new. Obviously, be careful still. There are weirdos out there, but in general most people online that you’d want to meet are nice people leading peaceful lives.


Registered Member
I know a couple that actually met, flew across the country, met face to face and married sometime later. They are now living happily ever after. I just encourage everyone that participates in online dating/meeting to be extra careful when meeting face to face. It's still kind of risky!!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I never have met someone online but I wouldn't be totally against it. Like meeting anyone for the first time you have to be careful.


still nobody's bitch
I've met tons of people in person whom I first met online. Some of my very best friends are people I've met online; lots from this forum and from another as well. The most recent was Biz this past summer. I've also met up with people who were once strictly facebook friends.


Registered Member
I met my husband online, on a different forum that was completely unrelated to dating. Prior to that, I met several other people. One turned out to be one of my very best friends who I am still very close to. A few others I am still good friends with. Overall, it went pretty well. There was only one really bad situation, and no one got hurt it was just creepy.

Just be careful. Meet in a public place and maybe have a good friend of yours there, also, watching from afar to make sure everything is going well.


Registered Member
Yes, I have met a couple of guys from Tinder, but it was more of a one-time thing. On the other hand, I have met some really cool guys on OK Cupid and we've become friends.


Registered Member
Lots - dozens. Haven't had a bad time yet.