Have you ever lied about your gender online?

Have you ever lied about your gender online?

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Have you ever lied about your gender online? If you have, it would most likely have been in a public chat room or forum. Hopefully nobody is lying about it here... :lol:

So, have you? I haven't.


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Ok this is embarrasing... I have. I was bored, wanted to see how it was from the other side. There I admit it. OMGosh, now that it's in print it seems pretty lame. :lol:


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I've used a different gender on many occasions. I don't even remember how many times. But that's when I was young and was new to this whole internet thing and chat rooms, just wanted to fool people.


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Yeah, I used to go into chat rooms and pretend I was a hot babe who wanted cyber sex, and the guy would get all randy, then I'd be like "whoa man, jokes on you, I'm a dude" but I'm really not a dude and I haven't done that in years and years and years.


Sally Twit
When I was younger I did. I used to visit chat rooms many years ago and I pretend I was all sorts of people. I liked to start fights with people too. I was young and immature, and having fun.


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How do you know what my gender is and if I'm telling the truth now?

I have not. I find that I'm too lazy to make up stories about being a guy.


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Some times I'll pose as my alter ego, Danielle Rose, if I feel like messing with someones head. I even made a fake email address, and a fake background and everything for her.
I don't think I ever pretended to be male on the internet before :laugh:
If I have then it would have been with mates on habbohotel, we used to pretend to be all kinds of things there. I can't remember specifics, though.