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Have You Ever Inspired Someone Else?


Ms. Malone
Have you ever inspired someone to write a story, poem or anything else?

I have. I remember getting a review from..well i guess she was one of my regular reviewers and she said that what i was writing inspired her to put pen to paper on a story she'd been thinking about for ages. Poor girl has been too busy to post in though.


Problematic Shitlord
I've always been told my dialogue is great. I inspired my creative writing teacher, (brag warning) a published poet, to work on her skills of creating dialogue and story through it.


I inspired my little brother to writte stories about me in his writing class at scool. I also helped him write a few.


blue 3
My writing isn't too inspirational; all I know is I have inspired my best bud in his drawing before. Not sure how or why, but he's told me a couple times that I have. So cool XD.


The Super Pimp of GF
My terrible injuries inspired my little cousin to do a series of reports and stories about me in school lol

A.M. Radio

My violent goosebumps type stories I wrote in Junior High inspired social services to investigate my family......

Inspiring people.... I'm still working on that. Long, braintwisting fantasy stories really aren't the most, well, inspiring. Neither are sci fi paradies about big breasted robots with lesbian side kicks. Because even a comedy that rips into sci fi cliches ends up being preachy as hell, and nobody wants to think about the Israeli/Palestinean conflict while reading a fantasy epic.

Of course, I did write a poem once that everyone was immediately in awe of. It was about the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. One moment in time. She got on the bus, and got off. It's the kind of thing that folk singers sing songs about.

And that's what I did. I inspired people to listen to folk songs.