Have you ever had a run in with the law?


Sally Twit
If so, share your story!

Personally I have no stories to tell but I'm interested to know if others do. :)


The Hierophant
I've had a couple, but nothing exciting. Probably the most exciting one was when they showed up at my house. My mom was pissed. I was maybe 16 at the time and me and a couple of my friends were pranking this one fat bitch that we went to school with. For about half an hour, we would call saying that we were doctors and her liposuction appointment was cancelled and she'd have to live the rest of her miserable existance being hyper morbidly obese. And an abortion clinic. Various others.

The cop showed up at my house and I talked my way out of it. I think he suspected me, but I'm a very unsuspecting looking individual.


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hahaha thats awesome.... your imagination never ceases to amaze me.

I've kept my nose clean. Other than one CHP that busted me for speeding about a month after I got my license I've got a squeaky clean record.


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I was around 14/16 at the time. Three of my friends and I burglarized a library and came out carrying several projectors...the old fashioned reel to reel kind. But the cops were outside waiting. I figure we must have tripped a silent alarm or something. We dumped the projectors and took off in different directions. One cop chased me about 10 blocks and even threw his nightstick at me trying to hit my legs and trip me up. It hit me in the back instead. hard enough that I couldn't sleep on my back for the next two or three days.

I had two or three other incidents with the police involving the possession of illegal pharmaceutical substances intended for recreational use.


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I have been a good boy for the last 6/7 years,but i have had a few run ins with the law.
At 13 i was arrested and charged for carrying an illegal weapon,nunchuka,got given an official caution for that one.
I was at a party on new years eve i was seventeen at the time,walked over to the local pub to wish everyone a happy new year,and walked straight into a pub fight!,got grabbed from behind and slammed onto a car so spun round and threw a punch,unfortunitly it was a police officer i hit,they arrested me and several others.
I got charged with afray and assaulting a police officer,i was lucky and only got a £250 fine and a caution which stayed on my record for 5 years.
There have been others but i these were probaly the most memoirable


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I was 15 and hanging out with a new crowd. My guy friend found a new GF and for some reason I ended up sleeping at this new GF's house (an hour away from home). Then she decides that very night to run away from home. So she wakes me up in the middle of the night, ask me to help her pack. Then we get out of the house and split after. Cool huh? I had to wake up my other friends who had their own flat, at 3am so I'll have some place to sleep.

The next day I go home. Things were fine until 3 days after. The police were knocking, looking for me and my mom wonders why. I had no clue either. Then they show me a pic of the girlfriend and ask if I knew her. Asked me when was the last time I saw her.

I asked them how they knew where I lived and all that (how did they link her to me, I barely knew the girl!). Apparently, in my rush to get out of her house, I dropped my school solo picture that was in my wallet. :duh: The parents also told the police about "the girl who was with our daughter, the night she disappeared..."

The police took my picture then checked all schools, meeting with principals and showing my picture like I'm some big criminal, asking them if they knew "this person". Then finally they showed up at my school and the principal told them she recognises me (haha, yes I was popular in school somehow) and gave the police my address. And that's how they came that day knocking on my door.

They brought me in the police station for further interrogation. Seriously! Apparently the girl had some distant relative in the police force - so they're able to do this. I told them the story and that I have no effing clue where the girl was (although honestly I think she's hiding at my guy friend's house but I'm not ready to give that information because the police pixxed me). They actually thought I kidnapped her or that I'm part of a slavery gang and sold her! Geez.
No. What? You asked, I answered!

Biggest trouble I've ever been in was for throwing some kids jacket in the boys bathroom into the piddle area. They called my parents in and everything. It was really hardcore.

That's not to say I shouldn't have met the police yet.. I'm just good enough to avoid being caught. Like a ninja. Ninja Syndicate. Yeah.. I like that.. *goes to make sticky badge*


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Surprisingly, I haven't had any altercations with the police. Considering the volume of traffic violations I've committed, this is rather surprising.

If California had a normal amount of police, I'd have had at least a couple. But CHP is too busy dealing with wrecks that they hardly ever do speed traps or patrol.