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Have you ever had a friend with benefits?


Registered Member
When I was young, the small town that I came from was all but devoid of suitable men for relationships or even casual sex. I met a guy that was younger than me and we "used" each other for friendship, sex, companionship but never anything really emotionally heavy. Now, the way the world is, you could really kill yourself doing stuff like that. Anybody else ever been in that situation?


Registered Member
Years and years ago. I was a cab driver, she was a steady customer whom I gave my pager number to. (Yes, THAT long ago) The businesses we were both in were conducive to not getting too close or personal with others. I had my reasons, and she had hers. Busy people who would rather not to be known too well, yet still had needs. We helped each other more than we used each other.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It is not something I was ever interested in and not something I was ever a part of

I get why people do it but its just not for me


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I have one now! Neither one of us wants anything serious right now but can get lonely sometimes.As long as you are both on the same page it can work out pretty well. As soon as someone starts to develop feelings, it can turn out pretty bad for them.