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Have you ever had a broken bone?


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One of my coworkers who is 51 broke her wrist over the weekend. It's her first broken bone. She was asking me a lot of things about dealing with a broken bone.

I have had four broken bones.

The first one was when I was 6 I broke my arm falling from a tire swing.

When I was 8 I broke my collarbone.

In high school I broke my ankle playing volleyball at friend's house.

Last May I broke my thumb after slipping in the shower.

Feel free to share your horror stories and pains of having to deal with casts, crutches or slings.


blue 3
I'm like Jackie CHan I've managed to break/fracture about every bone in my body. NO seriously. Ribs, nose, feet, toes, hands, fingers, wrists, collerbone, ankle so yeah.

About the only bone I haven't broken is a 'dinosaur' bone in a musuem.


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I've never had a broken bone, cross my fingers I won't ever have one. The thought of bone snapping makes me cringe.

I remember when I was in primary school, there was a set of twins who constantly came to school with something broken. It seemed that the day one of them got their cast off, the other one broke something. I couldn't understand how they did it, they just must have had really weak bones.


Creeping On You
When I was 3, I broke my arm. I wanted to see over the fence, and so I stacked my tricycle on top of another scooter type train thing with wheels, and then stood on that. Needless to say, it toppled, and I fell a couple feet onto the ground and broke my arm.

Next, I broke my ankle when I was 18. Got tackled playing rugby, and rolled it over hard core. That took 2 months to heal

Broke my big toe because I was drunk, and went to kick a pail off someones front step. Turns out, it was full of water, but since it was winter, it was actually ice. I kicked it full force. The next morning, my toe was black lol. I ended up just setting it myself and taping it for awhile. I was still drunk enough the next morning that I didn't feel it much.

I dislocated my shoulder last spring falling off a snowmobile in deep snow. The drift caught my arm and yanked it back, popping it out. That hurt quite a bit surprisingly.

Yah, that's all my broken bones.


yellow 4!
Like Impy, I've never broken a bone. I'd like to put this down to being careful but really I think it's luck. I wasn't exactly afraid to take risks when I was little, just never ended up in a cast. I remember lots of friends getting mangled because of the monkey bars or whatever, just never happened to me...


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I've never broken a bone.

I hopped on a skateboard one day and it fell right out from under me almost instantly I fell to the ground and my left wrist was killing me, I think I fractured it but I never went to the doctor, it felt fine 2 weeks later.

So that's the closest I've ever come to breaking a bone, I don't even know if I did :lol:

All of my injuries for some reason have to do with muscles/tendons/ligaments.

Sprained right ankle (I got kicked really hard in a soccer game cause this kid was shooting and missed the ball)

Bruised kneecap (running downhill + sharp rocks is a bad idea, deep deep cuts right into my knee, scraped bone and bleeding everywhere)

Hyperextended elbow (this one hurt the most and still gives me trouble, I had to finish this guy in a wrestling match with only my left arm. That was insane I can't believe I won :lol:)

Pinched nerve in neck (never really sure what causes this I'll just wake up one morning with really bad neck pain)

Torn/pulled hip flexor (I didn't tear much at all, most of it was a pulled muscle, still hurts if i stretch way too far, that'll teach me to practice hurdles on uneven ground)

I know one kid that somehow managed to fall off of the slide in 4th grade and this slide had some pretty child safe sides on it so that was ridiculous, I also know a girl that got her knee caught between two four wheelers, that looked really painful.
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The only thing I have broken (well, someone else did it with a baseball bat) is my nose. I've never broken anything else (touchwood).


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I broke my leg when i was like 3 or something. My brother bounced me off a trampoline. :/


Sally Twit
I have only ever broken one bone and touch wood it will remain that way. When I was about six I was walking behind someone and the little brat knew I was there but didn't hold the door for me. For some reason and I don't know why my fingers were near the hinge side of the door and it slammed shut and broke my middle finger on my right hand. The bone was sticking out and there was blood everywhere. Good times.


Boom Boom Pow!
Thankfully I can say that I have never broken a bone and I hope I never go through it.

When I was in Primary school people used to come in with broken bones all the time and I was always thinking how the hell they could have them and I never ended up with one.