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Have you ever Googled yourself?


Eye see what you did ther
I just did, and I found an interesting website with my name. The other links are some shitty names directory links, some useless tabulated data, and some of them are my FB comments on public pages.

If you ever want to remove something:


Sally Twit
Yes I have. When I did it in the past it would bring up no results. Now it is bringing up a website that we use at my job and also a picture of me. Not happy about that.


Haters gonna hate.
I have Googled myself. Not very much. Apparently I am a Missouri soccer player that is the best in one school's history.


still nobody's bitch
Who doesn't google themselves? There's a radiologist in upstate New York with the same name as me, same odd spelling and everything. The first thing that comes up for me is my entry on classmates.com.


Well-Known Member
I've only ever googled myself to answer threads like these. There's a couple people with the same name as me, so plenty of links to social networking sites. And something from about a Member of a dance studio


Registered Member
Usually when I Google myself, most of the first page and then some are just me. My Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc.. and the same if I do the same thing with Google images. There is someone in Pittsburgh with the same name that runs a shop that makes sporting awards and stuff.


Registered Member
I googled myself once when I was 13. I thought I was home alone, but then my mom walked in on me. I have never been so embarrassed.