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Have you ever failed a class before?


New Member
Hi, I'm new to this site, and I would like to just have a release as I can't really tell anyone what I'm going through right now.

Today I just found out that I failed one of the class in the program that I'm in. And I have to retake it. I cant move on to the next semester of new classes until I pass that one class that I failed. But, the class is not going to be available in in the next semester(fall) which means I have to wait 6months just to take that one class. And then after that will I only be able to move on to the next semester with the new set of classes.

Here's my thing, to me, its really important that I finish the program with no problems and failing a class is one of the worst problem that could ever happen. I have never ever failed a class ever before, and this is really devastating to me. I don't really know what to feel. I'm like stuck in a daze, I really want to cry or do something, but all I feel is just heaviness of the feeling of failure. I'm really anxious and depressed, but I cant cry or anything, I'm just doing what I do best, just mask my feelings and let it bottle up.

And then there's another problem. I'm supposed to be studying for a different finals tomorrow, but having known that this happened, I just dont know if I'll be mentally able to take the test tomorrow without breaking down. I'm just not able to focus right now and I know I don't want to do bad on this test cause I don't want to have to fail another class and add more to my problems.

I can't tell my family because I'm afraid they are going to be disappointed. Too many things have been going on, and me being held back 2 semesters is the last thing they want to hear. They expected me to be able to just go through the program like a breeze, because there are just so many things, stress, going on right now. And now, this happens.

I know its all my fault, and there's nothing that I can do to change the past. I'm just feeling so defeated and very sad.

Thanks for reading. I would like to hear some advice.


Well-Known Member
I've been there, and it sucks big time.

If you know me then you probably know that I suck at math. I can put all the effort in the world into the class, spend countless hours studying, but I can't do it.

I had to drop out of my Calculus class last semester just two weeks before it ended because I simply did not have enough points for passing to be likely. It was such a huge blow to me because I literally spend more than 40 hours a week studying for this class and putting in all the effort that I could. Still couldn't pass. :(

It was such a huge bummer putting in all that work and spending all that money on the class and having nothing to show for it.

I'm sorry that you're going through the same thing, it really is a terrible feeling. :(


Internet Dig Dug
The math major that I am apart of requires me to get at least a c- on all of my required courses in order to have them count towards my major being completed and I've had to retaken two classes because I got a D+ in both of them. Sucks really hard because that's 2 classes that I could have taken in something outside of my major but had to retake them over again.


Free Spirit
Staff member
You need to try to focus on the future and not the past. That happened and there is nothing you can do to change it. All you can do is concentrate on the things you can do something about like passing your next test.

I'm sure your parents will understand they are probably aware of the fact things don't always go as planned. The trick is to learn from them and move on.

This doesn't make you a failure.


Registered Member
I have never failed a class. However, in 7th grade on the day of my first record card, there was a mistake in my grade. It read a 67 instead of an 83 like I expected. I always kept up with my grades so I would know what to improve on.

Back in college in the Spring semester of 2006, I lost interest in the computer science area and dropped from the classes to save myself from failing.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I failed a few classes in high school, but it was always by choice. I just didn't like the classes and didn't want to put the work in. I literally got a 0% in my AP calculus class senior year. I didn't need the credits to graduate, so I used the class as an extra study hall.


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Failed two classes last semester so means I have to do extra half year of Uni to make up for it, sucks big time but I am not too fussed about it.