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Have you ever been or almost been a victom of a crime?


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In the beginning of this summer (2010) some friends and I went to a club near where I live where I met a guy named Alexis who was Russian and spoke only very little Eesti or English, I speak very little Russian but we seemed to be able to speak in bits and parts of all three languages.

He and I danced to a few songs and spoke for maybe 45 minute or so when he asked me to come to see his car in the parking lot. I did not wish to go out of the club because for 1) I did not know him enough to go out alone with him and 2) I was having fun with my friends. When I told him no maybe 3 times he said a few rude words to me and just walked away... I did not let this bother me and just ignored him.

Maybe 2 hours later when my friends and I go outside to leave the club there is police cars in the lot with lights flashing, but I did not know what this was about and we all left. 2 days later I see in news paper what had happened.

"Alexis Fedorov, 20, of Yaroslavl Russia was arrested and detained for the assault and attempted rape of a 19 year old Estonian woman outside the local club "Sugar" on Friday night after passers by noticed Fedorov and the young woman struggling and heard screaming from a vehicle in the parking lot and phoned police. The young woman sustained 1 stab wound to her arm and several bruises. After detaining Fedorov it was later discovered Fedorov is also wanted in connection with 2 other separate assault and rape investigations ongoing in Yaroslavl."

After seeing this article I almost fainted from shock, it could have been me in that car!! To look at this person, he was very nice looking guy not someone you would think to do things like this, he seemed very nice, until it was clear I was not going outside with him... but wow I am thankful I did not.
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OH MY GOD!!! this is so unbelievable! You've been near to getting raped by that guy. You were lucky enough to have saved yourself.


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Thank god you were smart enough not to go outside alone with him. It's a shame more girls don't practice intelligent clubbing practices. One of my friends accepted a drink from a strange guy one time, and I actually called her an idiot and took the drink away from her. In school, instead of teaching people that clubs/bars/drinking is taboo, they should teach safe ways of having fun without it turning bad. Geez, they teach safe sex for crying out loud, why not safe public drinking.

Anyways, naw, I've never been the victim of a crime. Never even come close, and there's been some times where I've done some stupid things that just invited a crime taking place. I guess I've just gotten lucky.


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Yes I have. About 2 weeks ago I was taking one of my notorious late night walks. I was a little upset over something and was a little teary eyed. Some guy had come up behind me and asked if I was ok. I didn't turn around and kept walking insisting that I was fine. He proceeded to follow me and I tried to cross the very non-busy road. That was when he grabbed me around the neck and waist and would not let go. I reached around behind me and grabbed the gold chain he was wearing and flipped him around in front of me. I continued to choke him and refused to let go of the hold I had on his neck. Someone called the cops and they showed up and took it from there. The thing that sucks though is that because I did everything right and defended myself the guy gets off scotch free.


I've had $300 or so stolen from my apartment. One night two of my room mates and I went down the street for a bit and left the door unlocked because our other room mate lost his key and had gone somewhere. We had just gotten to where we were going (probably a three minute walk at most) when one of our friends happened to be driving by and called me to let me know there was a group of five or so thugs standing outside our door. When they noticed she had stopped and was looking at them and on the phone, they quickly and 'discretely' left. By the time I got back to my place they were nowhere to be seen. I checked and didn't find anything missing. A few days later I came back from class to find the $300 was gone from my desk, when it was there before I left for class in the morning. The thugs and the missing money may be unrelated, but it seems unlikely given how close together they were.

Also, while this didn't happen to me, I, along with some of my friends, were still involved in preventing a likely rape. Some of our friends went to a frat party at a frat that was notorious for sketchy actions in regards to females. One of them came back to the dorm with one of the guys from the frat because he 'insisted on making sure she got back safely' even though she didn't drink much. A bunch of us were hanging out in someones room and she asked if we could come hang out in here room for a bit to try and get the guy to leave (one plan involved two of my friends acting blatantly gay and hitting on him, which was way more convincing than it should have been). Eventually he says he's gonna leave in a bit and the girl tells us that she'll be down in a bit to watch a movie. After 15 or so minutes without her showing up we get suspicious and head back to her room and knock on the door which is now closed. After there is no answer after a bit we go and get the RA who knocks on the door a couple of times and tells her it's the RA and that we are concerned. She opens the door and insists that everything is fine and that the guy is going to crash in her room mates bed (who isn't there obviously) and before she can finish she just flat out passes out and hits the floor. The RA and one other person check on her while myself and two other guys rush into her room and turn the light on to find the guy in her bed in just his boxers. The RA and some other people (myself included) pick up the girl and take her to the RAs room while the two other guys essentially tell the guy to get out or be beaten to death. He insisted nothing happened but they obviously didn't believe him. When the girl finally came to the RA had a talk with her in private while the rest of us made sure the frat guy left the dorm. We (or at least I) never found out exactly what happened, but the next day the girl came into my room (as well as all the other guys that were involved) and simply said "Thanks."


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I can't remember anything dramatic right now so either I haven't been a victim or I just managed to put the memory in a place that's hard to retrieve . I have been victim to sexual harassment in public places but people don't necessarily think of it as a crime.


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That's pretty grim. I hope the police people gave him a beating, a severe one. Honestly, this actually sends a shiver down my spine. What a fucking arsehole.


I guess you should give yourself credit for being very sensible, which in a drunken, fun scene can (potentially) be pretty difficult to control. So, Kudos for that.

To answer the actual question, of whether I've been the victim of a crime or almost. I'm afraid the answer is no. I have not. I think I've only ever heard of one or two 'major' crimes happening around here, and I do read the papers. I think we are very lucky around here. To be honest, I'd never really thought about this until I came on this forum. But I live in what seems to be a very safe place, I'm thankful for it.

--- A further question to follow yours (if you don't mind. I do not wish to cross any boundary here.) - Anyway, here goes ---

Is the area you live in rife with criminal activity? Or at least, commonplace for it? -- If so, do you think it increases your defense mechanism for such a thing?

I don't wish to demerit the place where you live by asking this, so if it sounds wrong of me to ask, please just tell me 'fuck off' - use those exact words, and I'll understand. Thanks.


I'm serious
Wow Ilus. That is an insane story. Well done you for doing the responsible thing. The thing about these kinds of people is that they hardly ever "look" the type. I've done so many irresponsible things in my youth, that I am alive and unscathed today is a miracle in itself.

I agree with Danny on this. Youth should be taught safe drinking habits. Now when we do go out clubbing, me and my friends always tell each other before hand what the "game plan" is. We don't always stick together as we meet people and go our separate ways, but we always check in with each other and we know what not to do.

I myself have been a victim of crime though. I've been hi-jacked which I have shared somewhere on this forum, so I don't care too much for going in to that story again now. I'll just say it was a gunpoint and it was scary.


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A couple of summers ago myself and friend helped a person saying they were Pascal Depuis of the Pittsburgh Penguins in town for a charity golf tournament with some others. The golf tournament was happening, and was in another part of town so when he asked us for a drive we didn't hesitate to help - unfortunately this person wasn't who he said he was and ended up stringing us along all day for the cost of meals and stuff, because he said he would pay us back.

In retrospect we were dumb, but that's what you get when you're friendly small-town folk.

Most recently my house was broken in to by a 15 year old. The unsettling part is that he walked around my house while we slept with a Panga Machete that my roommate was given by his sister when she returned from Kenya. It was on the ground floor so he would have found it early on in his travels through my house.