Have you ever been lost?


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When I was about 10 or 11 I went for a walk not too far from where I live. I remember not knowing much of the area as whenever I left my house with my parents/friends we would always go quite far from my area. I ended up down a really quiet road away from any noise and there was not a car or house in sight. I felt really scared and I couldn't remember which direction I had come from. I ended up sitting on the kerb crying until an elderly couple approached me about an hour later and asked if I was alright. I explained what had happened and they asked for my address and walked me all the way back home. My parents were pretty mad but very grateful to the old couple.

How about you?


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i have never been lost in my life because where i grew up it wasnt that big of city or town so i pretty much knew the whole thing


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Have I ever been lost? Yes.
How many times? Way too many.

When I was in junior high and high school, I used to go hiking twice a year with my class. And every time the teachers told us to team up in parties of 3-4 people and then all parties would get one topographic map of the area. On the map the teachers had marked a route we all should follow and then they sent us into the wilderness one team at a time.
For some (for me) unknown reason I was always voted teamleader so I was the one in charge of the map, and every time I would get the whole team lost half the way through :lol:.
And still I was always voted teamleader year after year.


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lol but by any chance was your team a bunch of retards
Lol, you would think so wouldn't you? :lol:

But many people who know me have told me (including my friends, who were all in my party) that I have great leadership qualities, but I sure don't feel like a leader, never had.


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A few years ago I got lost in N. Virginia/DC once. I was on fumes, my phone was almost dead and I had no money... not a happy situation to be in. I finally rolled up on a DC metro cop parked in a parking lot and before I could say anything he said "You must be lost" A little shocked I said "Yes I am, but how did you know that"? He said "A white boy in this town, this late is either dead or lost, and you don't appear to be dead, I'll show you to the interstate".

He escorted me to the interstate which I made my way home.


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Not really. I mean, I've made wrong turns or was dropped off by my friends in the wrong places but I was confident I'd find my way around in a few minutes so I never considered myself "lost".


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Ya driving around but if I couldn't find where I went wrong on the map verses where I was I'd pull over to a gas station and ask.


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My friend and I got lost in some woods one time. Now I am terrified of woods. I just remember we spend 2 or 3 hours trying to find our way out and when we though we had found our way we ran into a barbed wire fence. We tried following it to find a clearing, but we didn't find one so we ended up climbing through the barbed wire fence and getting really cut up. However, we were able to get our way back out after that, but it was pretty scary since I am a city girl lol.


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When I was in sixth grade, I was at the Scotiabank, and there was about 18,000 people there, I got lost from my parent, but I kept walking and I finally found my dad after 20 minutes or so. It wasnt all that bad.