Have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do?


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Or worse yet, gotten in trouble for something you didn't do?

I have, many times. The first I remember, I was 4 or 5 and friends with a boy next door the same age. He had a little sister who was probably about 2.

One day, their mother came storming over to my house while I was playing in the front yard. I could tell she was mad, so I asked her what was wrong. She retorted, "You know what you did!" :confused:

I actually had no idea what I "did", but there was a fear clutching at my stomach.

She very angrily told my mother that her young daughter had come in with "spit all over her face", and how I needed to be severely punished. :shocked:

I was grabbed by an arm, spanked, and locked in my room for I don't know how long, all the while wondering what in the world...?

Not only had I not spit on the little girl, I hadn't even been present when it happened so I didn't even know who did!

There are many, many, many more times in my life when I got blamed for things I didn't do, but that would take way too much time and space. So, anyone else care to share their own experiences?




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My entire childhood. I was always getting the blame for whatever my brothers did wrong.

Now days, I don't put up with getting the blame for something I didn't do. If someone even gets close to blaming me i'll start arguing my way out of it. I get really defensive and pissed off over it.


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I was accused of stealing a school planner - and was caught with it. The little bitch slipped it into my bag when i wasn't looking, then announced it to the class that i had stolen it when i pulled it out of my bag during on of my classes;. I remember her leaving one of the previous classes to 'look for it' - the next class she asked me to check my bag. I didn't get into trouble by any of the teachers but i got a lot of stick from the other students.


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Most likely, though I can't remember any specific times where it's happened. Sometimes in school I'd take the rap for a friend who had no more chances, because I usually don't do anything wrong.


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When I was in school I dared a friend of mine to call 999 (911 to you American folk) thinking that she'd just laugh and ignore me but she went ahead and did it. When she got through she laughed and hung up. We didn't think any more of it but then 30 minutes later a couple of policemen turned up at the school and we were all pulled in to assembly and given a lecture. They scared us and said there were ways they could find out who it was so my friend ended up coming forward but blamed the whole thing on me. We were both called in to the Headmaster's office and she said I "made" her do it. The Headmaster and my teacher said they were very disappointed in me but expected it of her. I was the one that ended up getting in to trouble! We were both in the wrong but she was allowed to leave before me. The cheek!


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Ah... good question.

When I was in the Army Cadet Force, things would go wrong and our Sargent or whomever was in command would demand to know 'who did it.' Whether I did or not, I'd own-up with a smile on my face. This went on for months, THEN... ... ... when I used to do some REALLY bad thing's, the Company Commander [C.O] or Sargent would come in screaming and shouting "WHO DID IT?!!!" and I'd smile and say "I did Sir!" Then they's say "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! WHO DID IT?" I got away with everything for years. The other Cadets new my game, but there was naff-all they could do about it.

But I was a gooood boy.
In year 6 (I'm not sure of the US 'grade' equivalent) I got partially blamed for bullying this kid in my class. Me and 4 other friends were technically involved.

Basically one of us offered a wotsit (or maybe a hula hoop, I forget) to this girl and she ate it. Then someone else informed her that it had been picked up off the floor, and she cried for ages then told the teachers on us. The only way I was involved was that it was actually my crisp and I had dropped it on the floor. I didn't have anything to do with the rest but I eventually got treated as if I'd just slapped her round the face or something by the teacher because it 'wasn't in my character' to bully people. Why that means I got extra bad punishment, I don't know. :lol:

uhh, and yeah, nothing else sticks out in my memory. I think I've been pretty lucky when it comes to getting blamed for something I didn't do. I'm sure there's lots of minor incidents though.
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There was this one time, near the end of time in school, i went with a friend to see another teacher and we turned up to our next class late with a note; the teacher taking the class looked at me and asked: 'What did you do?'

Just because i was butting heads with my textiles teacher at the time she thought i was in trouble; it pissed me off royally, 'specially since my friend and i went to see the other teacher about her, not me!