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Have you ever been addicted to a Game or Video Game?


The return shall be legenday!
Have you ever been obsess with a game(App Store) or video game on a console to a point you can't stop playing?


New Member
I wouldn't say addicted, but I speant hundreds of hours over a 2 year span playing MLB 12: The Show. Then when I moved I just stopped playing it, even though I had a PS3 at my disposal.
Every video game I play, I become addicted to it. It’s a bit of an OCD issue, because I have the tendency to want to “complete” whatever it is I’m playing. I’ve been addicted to:

Smackdown vs. Raw 2007
Legends of WrestleMania
WWE All-Stars
WWE 12
WWE 13
NBA 2K13
WWE 2K14
Toy Soldiers : Cold War

Among many others.


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I was like Sabby, where I'd play NHL 04 for hours on end. I'd get home from school at around 3 and play until 7 almost every night. Then one day, I pretty much just stopped. I don't even own a PS4, XBOX or anything now and really haven't gamed in nearly 10 years with the exception of the odd game of Madden or NHL on XBOX while I'm at a friend's house or something.


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If I like the game, I'd be addicted until I finish it. After that, I probably wouldn't play it again.

Examples of games I've been way too addicted to:

Saints Row
Metro: Last Light
The Last of Us
Red Faction Guerrilla
Batman: Arkham City

There are some fighting games that I still play with friends and family members:

WWE All Stars
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
WWE 2K14
Tekken Tag Tournament


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every nhl game since nhl10 and im dead serious. i play it everyday, almost all my time is spent on it.
At one point, back when I had the 2nd Smackdown game on PS1, I played to the point that by the time I completely stopped playing the game, I had completed 20 full years in the Season mode. 20 YEARS.


Registered Member
A lot of NHL games when I was a kid. A lot of Need For Speed and of course, Gran Turismo.

Spent 7+ years playing World of Warcraft since launch.

Now playing World of Tanks since it was released (Awesome, free to play game. Did I mention awesome?)