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Have you achieved any of your goals?


Sally Twit
I remember Millz made a thread a short while ago asking what your goals in life are. I just wondered if anyone has actually achieved any life goals that they set themselves?

These are my goals from said thread:
All I want now is to marry my partner, become a counsellor, have a child and do what I can to make sure my family are happy.
The one goal I have accomplished is moving out and living with my boyfriend. We spent seven years together living apart so that was pretty hard. We've been living together for more than two years now and everything is still peachy!


yellow 4!
I got into the university I'd wanted to go to for a long time. It was the perfect one for me and I'm glad I'm here, even if it meant I had to take a year out in order to come. I could have easily just gone to my second choice, but I decided to wait.

That's the only goal I can think of really. Most of my life goals are things I want to do after I'm done with school.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have achieved some of my goals, yes. I got into college and graduated from college. I got a full time job at the place I always dreamed of working. I saved up money and I bought a house with money to spare.

I have been very fortunate up to this point.


Registered Member
At this point, not sure I have any. I raised all my children, they now have children and are all doing good. I guess one could say I achieved my goal of being a Mother, and if so, I can hope I was a good Mother. Because when I was a very young girl, I always said I never wanted children, and I ended up having 4 -ha!