Have faith in human nature


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We are a nation which knows no defeat. We are a nation, which at all costs, preserves the life of the innocent. We go to war, not to plunder another country, but to fight for the preservation of the innocent.

Is our presence beneficial to this universal ambition to preserve the life of the innocent, or is it only suspending the interest of the terrorist? Is our obstinacy progressive in our pursuit to achieve peace and contain the war on terror, in defense of our great nation or is the fact that we are so demanding regressive to diplomacy? Have we been tricked, by patriotic propaganda, into believing that acting as aggressors is the only way to defend our nation. I agree that we should make sure that other nations are not threatening the lives of the innocence, but is there another way to assure that they don’t do this?

If I was giving leadership, I would tend to the war on terror much differently than the leaders of our country. To end the state of war, I would change the social condition of the society, not by increasing security, but by promising reward. Those infidels who engage in unnecessary, hostile actions, I would capture, and rather than punish, I would seek the loyalty of. I would not blame them for their actions, nor would I punish them for their transgressions, rather, I would, through sincere vernacular and promise of reward, urge them to convert to the rational and just. I would explain to them why peace is more beneficial than war, regardless of the reasons they fight in the war. I would make sure that they realize that we do not seek to deprive the liberty of their country; rather we seek to protect it. Considering we have invaded the heart of Iraq, it is our duty to protect their liberty, and preserve their property.

Since religion is largely the cause for the dissention, I would adapt principles of the Koran, which teach that God seeks to create a peaceful society… and by no means, is violence necessary, regardless of differences between their religions. I would teach them that peace and security can not coexist, and security is only temporary and strives towards a day when it is not needed, a day when trust takes place of security.

It is the duty of the government not mainly to punish the unjust, rather to reward the just, and restrain the violent, when it is suitable, and necessary to preserve the life of the innocence.

Considering the government has resorted to force to suppress force, we, our nation and military, are left, under the caprice of the executive branch, subjected to continuous warfare and invasive security, to abide by the unjust direction of the government, regardless of whether or not we agree with the decision of the generals and commanders.

Once we give our consent to the government, how then can we influence their affairs, without becoming a force ourselves? Knowing the lack of concern in American society, and the power of the majority, which agrees that only military establishment can contain the war on terror, I must do my job to gather as many supporters as humanely possible, to join together and conciliate the government by standing against the war.

There are many things which our new force will tend to; but our largest concern will be to end the state of war, bringing home our military. It may require steps, such as establishing trust with Iraqis government, but overall, it won’t take long to remove our forces. We must leave the job to the Iraqis, to preserve the life of the innocence, for our presence, is only contributing to the violence and fostering the use of force, for we weakened their country by establishing control, and by no means, will they comply to our demands, for they feel as though their liberty is at stake in doing so.

Once we remove our forces, the state of war is likely to cease momentarily, until the resent for our previous military engagements begins to grow. This is why, we must supply them with a promise of reward for the actions of those who refrain from warfare, and follow a standard of value, to which the laws of nature will contribute to making clear. Therefore, once we discontinue the war in Iraq, we will begin a new war, against poverty, assuring that all people get what is required for their survival: To assure this is done, all people will be paid, so long as they refrain from the initiation of force. A form of communism annexed to their and our former system will not only decrease poverty, but will also continue to fight the war on terror.

An incentive is more powerful than a threat, just as a reward is more effective than a punishment.