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Have a weird or funny dream? Share it.

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  ??? Just today I had the oddest dream. I was home and all the sudden a see a clown doing yoga..I mean realy WTF?! ???s


I had a dream I was in a crowd of people, and a select few moved really scattered and aukward, in a scilent hill fasion.
It was funny in a weird way.


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
i had a dream last night i was climbing a net ladder and i wont stop climbing. its endless. ive had this dream as long as i can remember. and every so often i fall. my theropest says its a simbol of me trying to do something and never being able to do so. and a clown doing yoga wtf?!?!?!


yo, I have the weirdest dreams! A lot of them include my classmates... One time, my fifth grade teacher took my class to some kinda hot spring place and everyone went in with their clothes on. The other time, we went to China and rode on cable cars. Then there was a dream when everybody in my family was a zombie... another time was when there was an assingment due the next day and i didn't do it... Gah i have so many weird dreams!


ohh!heres the most recent one. i had one where i met jay chou. lol. he was like really nice and showed me his guitar pic (i wonder if he even plays guitar?? o_O lol) ok so back to the story. it was @ barnes and noble and he was signing. at the end, i walk out of the mall.. then i see jay chou sittin in the dark corner when its all dark. i was so surprised. so we talked. then it was the time when he showed me his guitar pic on it. it had the word (amy) on it. and he was very hesitant when he showed it to me. i was surprised because it was like.. ok? we only met like for 30 minutes and you're showing me this name? so blah blah, it was talking and talking. i asked him to give me an autograph since you don't get your auto graph @ the signing place. its just a paper and you send it. ok so then i asked him to sign me a personal autograph. we've gotten to know each other so it was i thought it was time to ask. lol. he sucked @ English so i had to tell him what to write.. -.- then my mom picked me up like in an hr. we had the best time. after that, I've never seen him again.. T-T well yea, thats it. lol. i dun think anyone actually read this because its so long.. but yea. haha