Have a beer with a GFer?


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If you could have a beer with one GFer, who would you pick and why?

There are a lot of people I could pick. Echoes and Steve come to mind but I'm going to go with MJ because he seems like he'd be the most fun to have a drink or two with. I'll have one and I'll enjoy watching him go for a century round again.

So, who would you like to have a beer with?
Hm...thats a tough choice. Probably ysabel though, just because she's talked to me when I was drunk before so it wouldn't be much of a suprise. Otherwise prolly icegoat or jeanie.


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If I drank, It would definitely Be KdMillz. Hes a good friend on the site and we can talk wrestling/sport and Shit:D
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I don't drink beer. This is discrimination to us non beer drinkers. :lol:

I think Sui would make an interesting drinking partner.
Syndicate or Fantasy. Talk about video games and play them while having that drink. Heck, no need for beer when the video games will be our intoxication. ;)


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Bloody hell thats a hard choice,but i can think of a few.

Tucker,i find his humour great.
RATTIE,so she can tell me about the ghost that knocks her drinks over.
Oooh snap,to discuss combat.
Babe Ruth just cause the man likes to party!
There are a few more,but im hungover so will leave it at that for now.
i'm gonna have a couple alternatives....

bfmangram because i bet me and her would have a crazy time.
echoes cause i get the feeling if we ever met we'd end up at a bar lol i dunno why
sui cause then i could take advantage of him lol
ysabel just cause i think she'd be a funny drunk