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Haunted Homes


aka ginger warlock
It seems that growing up every child hears a story about a haunted house in their neighbourhood, a house were someone was murdered horribly or kept in a cellar and basically treated very badly. Get enough kids together with enough teenagers and the rumour mill runs overtime and stories get passed around, dares are given out such as "you to scared to knock on the door" like the classic scene in John Carpenters "Halloween".

Growing up did you ever have one? How did you hear about it and did you believe it? What was your reaction to and did you ever go in?

For me it was two fold:

The house directly next to my parents homed an old lady who sadly passed away, we don't know how and I still don't know all of the details to this day but in what is in hindsight a very disrespectful manner as kids we loved it! We used to look in the windows (we never got in the house), made up stories and imagined what might be, of course she was not murdered, she was old and sadly she did die.

The next for me had no basis for anything creepy but my grandmother used to have a very large house, it was four stories high a very old Victorian affair, it was remembering back an amazing house and with enough love and attention and a hell of a lot of money it could have been superb but there was one level of it up the attic and that scared me and my sister to death, there was no good reason for it, we never heard of anything happening, one of the rooms was my dads old bedroom but there was something about the cold dankness of it all that meant there was no way me or my sister would EVER go in there at night alone, we were genuinely terrified.

Have you had similar experiences?


No Custom Title Exists
Not really. The closest to a haunted house I have around my area is an old mental ward that closed down in the late 90s and the building still stands to this day. Bits of it anyway cos they've knocked a large part of it and built houses on it. I've been in it and it's proper scary, blood is still on the walls, everything is still left there, cupboards, the actual padded rooms and all.

Topic: Larundel Mental Asylum, Bundoora - The Paranormal Guide


Free Spirit
Staff member
There is a house not too far from where I live that is suppose to be haunted. This civil war captain is suppose to haunt it, he is buried on the hill in back of the house. They said he was mean and sadistic. Would like to take a look around that place and take a few pictures to see if anything shows up.

I did see a ghost once. It was an eye opening experience but not scary.