Haters vs. Fanboys

Which do you dislike the most?

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I almost touched on this a bit on the Twilight Opinions thread. Its seriously funny how Forums can split peoples opinions as hardcore as they do. The emergence of the Fanboy probably wasnt a surprise. But the Hater has been around forever.

If you're talking about something, Which of these two do you hate hearing from the worst? The Hater or the Fanboy?


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At least haters are predictable. Fanboys (and girls) always come up with creative and gut-wrenching new ways to love their favorite things.


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I sincerely do not mind listening to either as long as they have a balanced argument, logic, and (preferably) citations. Unless it is done facetiously, I abhor myopic knee-jerk rants from fans and haters alike.

But seriously, a good footnote can do wonders for making a rant (positive or negative) palatable.


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Haters, unless they've actually seen/read enough of a product to properly judge it.

Trust me, that is not the case the vast majority of the time. And that makes them FAR worse because their opinions have no foundation, and they're really just trolls.

People who truthfully dislike something that they have seen/read are less likely to bash it, I've found.

You can hate fanboys/fangirls all you want, but at least they're enjoying something instead of hating on it without any foundation.
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I find fanboys intollerable. Haters tend to have a better sense of humour about what ever it is they hate. I am actually a fan of Twilight, but I am a very proud member of "Back in my day, Vampires sucked blood, not cock" on facebook, which is a anti-twilight group. It's hysterical.
Probably fanboys, for pretty much the same reason as Cons mentioned. I guess they are less likely to accept opposing evidence or be flexible with their opinions, but it really depends on the individual. Both can be equally as annoying but I'm going with FBs.


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I can't stand Fanboys, at least with Haters you can make fun of them because they sound like a dumbass troll who can't spell the world two right sometimes. Fanboys on the other hand make me want to hurl, and typically there are only Fanboys about something incredibly cute or sexy and it just makes me want to kill one of them.


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I'm a massive hater. I hate virtually everything and will voice my opinion without hesitation. Yall know I hate on twilight and pop culture regularly. But, when I hate on something, I know what I'm talking about.

Fanboys, they will talk out of their ass so damn much, and are unwilling to see the opposite side of an argument. Its like the PS3 v. 360 debate. Their will be those who see the values and pluses of both sides and will respect both, and the fanboys will just not agree and not even listen to even a good arguement.