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Sally Twit
Do you hate anyone?

I know people say hate is a strong word but has anyone ever done anything so bad to you that you've grown to hate them?

I would like examples of people you actually know. Not someone from the TV.

I hate my manager. I was having a conversation with a colleague a couple of weeks ago and she said she hated him. Once she said it I realised I hated him too. I've never hated anyone before. He is such a horrible human being and doesn't care about anyone other than himself. He has made my life a living hell and gets away with it.
My colleague recently told him she was pregnant and he announced it to the entire sales floor. He acted as though he was the father. It was her news to share and he didn't give a shit about her feelings. She was really upset.
Then there's the issue with talking about me behind my back but being nice to my face.
I could go on forever about him. He is just awful.
I was off work last week and I am dreading going back tomorrow. All because of him.


still nobody's bitch
I don't hate anyone. It takes a lot of energy to hate someone and it really takes a toll on you. There was a time when I hated fathead (my former boss) but I haven't seen him in over a year and it's really peaceful to not feel such strong negative feelings about anyone.


The Hierophant
I'm with Jeanie. Hate is too strong an emotion for me to get carried away with. Sure, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that I don't like, but I wouldn't say that I truly hate anyone.

Truth be told, I probably don't actually care about many other people enough to actually hate them. I think that's the only way that I'd ever really be able to hate someone. By actually caring about them first and having them wrong me in some horrible way. Otherwise, I'll just move on. No sense in having such strong feelings for someone that may or not even be in my life for long.


Problematic Shitlord
I came close to hating my ex because of all the awful things she did after our breakup and her inabilities to handle most of it but in the end I realized I'm always going to love the time we shared and no matter how she changes, the person I knew will always make me smile. But as of now, there is no one I truly hate.


Registered Member
Most of the time, I go through a certain process of emotions. I will legitimately hate someone for a certain period of time after they've wronged me. Usually, however, this period of hate is used as a psychological reaction-reformation. i.e. I take the raw energy from being hurt and turn it into anger in order to push me through that period of pain. I eventually come to peace with it, and realize we're specks of carbon within an infinitely vast universe, and move on with my life.

Ironically, the person who caused me the worst pain, I ethically can't hate because her actions were spurred by mental instability. I can't hate someone who isn't even properly functioning. Once I realized that, I realized my sense of "hate" even for serial killers who are mentally unstable isn't logical. In the end, I hate characteristics or qualities rather than entire peoples.


Registered Member
Hate is a something that can consume you, I will not allow that to happen to me again.
For years I was full of hate and rage at what happened to my younger sister, and the person involved was the main reason for those feelings.

Over the years that hate has shrunk to deep rooted resentment, but elements of it still exist.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Up until this point I've never hated anyone.

It's a very strong emotion and thankfully nobody has done anything to me where I've hated them.


Registered Member
I have hated two people truly, I think, in my life. One I felt far more hate for than the other, but I'd say both were hate.

One person, I loved to hate, in a way. The other person - pure and total hatred, always.
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Registered Member
Nope, I don't normally hate a person. I might dislike a characteristic they have or dislike a situation that they are causing that affects me.


yellow 4!
As Steg mentioned, I always make a point of hating/disliking characteristics or whatever rather than the person as a whole. To me there is a big difference between "I hate Marge because she has rude table manners" and "I hate that Marge has rude table manners". That is an awful example but you get the idea. Hopefully. :lol:

But anyways, I used to feel hate for one person that I knew growing up but don't anymore. I don't believe there is anybody else I have ever truly hated.