Hate, The Opposite Of Love?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Altanzitarron, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Altanzitarron

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    I didn't stick this in "Dating" because I wanted this to apply to more than just boyfriend / girlfriend relationships. It's quite often accepted that Love and hate are two stark contrasts but I'm not so sure they really are polar opposites. Both require a lot of feeling and even a certain level of obsession. I've always felt the true opposite of love is indifference. The complete lack of any feeling at all for a person has always seemed like the opposite of love to me.

    It's quite easy to end up hating a person you used to love based on things they have done etc but it's alot harder to have no feeling at all for them. Atleast not without time.

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  2. Theodore_Bagwell

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    If we want to go philosophy, then here is my opinion: Love=+1, Indifference=0, Hate=-1.. -1 is the opposite of 1, so I say hate is the opposite of love. Now what is harder, I don't know..
  3. HappyFace

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    Love and Fear are you contrasts.

    Everything you do that's clean and pure and sweet usually comes from some form of Love whilst everything you do that's horrible comes from Fear.
  4. Altanzitarron

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    The way I see it, is that if love is an extreme of emotion and indifference is no emotion then I see them as opposites. Hate and love seem to have too many similarities to be complete opposites. Atleast that's my crazy logic anyway :lol:

    How very George Lucas of you ;)
  5. HappyFace

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    I actually got that ideal from Bill Hicks but sure bring in George Lucas, he did some cool stuff as well.
  6. Theodore_Bagwell

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    0 has no opposite, it's just nothing. The opposite of an emotion "+" is emotion "-", not nothing. And by the way, they are not similar, both are obsessions? No, one is obsession with dislike, one is obsession with like I guess.
  7. Altanzitarron

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    Yeah I'd say they both can be obsessions. I've seen people hate obsessively, as in they think about the person all the time, even if it is in a negative way. Hate runs some peoples lives.

    I do see what you mean about + emotion and - emotion though and that's the basis for the whole convention of love and hate as opposites that is generally accepted by everyone.

    It just seems that when you consider a relationship for example, a person may hate their ex but it's still a strong emotional response. Their ex's actions still effect their lives. However in time that person may become indifferent to their ex, which means that their ex's actions create no emotional response.
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  8. HappyFace

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    Are we talking about Emotion to no Emotion or what? Because if you're stating this then of course another emotion is not going to contrast since all emotions have some sort of obsession, it's that desire that makes emotions what they are.

    If we're talking about things that make you lose all emotion then shouldn't it be Happiness and Apathy?
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  9. EllyDicious

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    As an old saying goes "The opposite of Love is not Hate, is Indifference".
    I don't love someone, but it doesn't mean i hate him. i'm just indiferent to him. that's it.
  10. Wade8813

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    I know a psychologist who said the same thing - that indifference is the opposite, not hate. He had a long explanation for it, but it didn't make sense to me then, and it doesn't make sense to me now.

    I'm generally indifferent to most people I haven't met. I'd say most people are. Also, while it can be fairly easy to hate someone you once loved, it's really hard to love someone you once hated (and I'd argue that if you hate someone you once loved, you probably didn't really love them in the first place).

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