Hate how my dad is my rep


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Its a pain in the butt. 1. i had my car blinker light going nuts. blinking fast, cause back one was out and in wrong location. So i bought that with food money so that was about ($11) which could of went to gas.

Another thing is before this a couple weeks i sold my own items to get gas. wii controller, wii classic controller, the nunchuck and got $24.20 back

It said how your own dad controllers your money. and "decides" when he wants to give it to you. before my food money would also be Thursday.. Thursday Thursday... also no matter what that has changed.

I understand he works but it only takes 5-10 minutes to get to the bank and 5-10 minutes to get back... 15 tops... its not that hard. according to google maps it take 4 minutes to get to bank...

If i ask for extra money here or there. usually gas.. he moan and goran i just don't like that. It is a joint account yet he does not let me acesss it and he said he would.


Hell, It's about time!
I know I may sound like your dad, but I used to gripe about shit like that when I lived at home. I'm glad I didn't depend on him for everything, it made transitioning into adult life much easier. I had to learn to budget my money so I could buy gas. If I need money now as an adult, I can't just go "borrow" it from my dad. I have to get it myself.

Just a thought. You may not see it now, but I used to be like you. Now I can see why my dad did that.