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Movies Has your opinion of a film ever changed?


Sally Twit
León (The Professional) has always been my favourite film. However, strangely enough I never owned it on DVD until recently lol.
When I was younger they showed it on TV and I taped it so I watched it to death.

I recently got the DVD and watched it a couple of days ago and was left really shocked...

They cut out so many parts of the film when they showed it on TV that I was left to believe that León saw Mathilda as a daughter, not a lover. I mean I knew she had a little crush on him but I never saw the scene where she tried to kiss him in the restaurant and I also never saw the scene where she asked León to take her virginity. I mean he responded by telling her he wouldn't be a good lover because he hadn't been with anyone since he was 19. Wow. After that scene you see them sleeping in the same bed and he had his arm around her. She was 13 years old!!
After I watched the film I watched some of the special features and there was an interview with Natalie Portman. She said that her mum had to ask them to cut a scene from the film where she was in the shower and León walked in on her. Apparently she asks him to hand her a towel. My head was ready to explode after hearing this.
Don't get me wrong, I still love the film, I am just really shocked that by cutting a few scenes out I had a completely different opinion of it.

So, how about you?


Registered Member
Yep! I hated Rocky Horror Picture Show and after my 6th time watching it and doing the time warp, I loved it. At the time it came out I happen to be on the east coast in DC far before it ever made it to Utah where I lived. It was in our hotel room that we watched it so many times.