Has WWE ever been this bad?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by PhillyKid90210, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Alot of people think that this year was the worst in wwe history. But i have to disagree. 95 was the worst year in WWE history. Kevin Nash was world chmap pretty much the entire year. Only the royal rumble was a good ppv that year. And their was a handful of bad gimmicks. Like Duke the Dumpster, Doink the Clwon, evil clown, Isaac Yankem, Manteur. And their was only a few good main eventers. Taker, Nash, Michaels, Bret Hart, and Bigealo. The only good thing that cmae out of the wwe tunnel in 95 was Bret Hart becoming WWE champion. 95 was a pretty pathetic year and the worst for the WWF.

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    Yeah 95 was much worse of coarse. I cant go on and on about that year but its self explanitory. Nash controlled the whole year or almost all of it and it was not the best the WWE could have done at the time.

    This year id say is like the 5th worst ever.
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    I'd say this is not the worst year, but heaps of good and funny stuff have happened so far.
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    There is no way this is the worst year in WWE. You mentioned 1995, but honestly from the end of 1993 to somewhere in 1996 or even into 97 was a terrible stretch.

    Hart, Michaels, Nash and Hall tried to keep it a float, but there wasnt much that they could do.
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    No this is not the worst year of the WWE, there's been some great matches this year, we saw DX ruling the show once again. There was some horrible storylines this year, and I wish we could of seen someone else being champion except John Cena. But overall it wasn't that bad this year, there's been worst that's for sure.
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    This year isnt over yet people!!!

    We still have October, November, and December. These last 3 months should be fairly good IMO. With all these returns the WWE is going to get better to wrap the year up and also it isnt going to stop till like after Wrestlemania or Backlash. Once WM is like a few months away all the shows usually get better.

    I think 08 will be a much better year.
  7. 93 was pretty good. 94 was fair, 96 was okay, and 97 was good. 97 is what started the attitude era. But your right we still have a couple more months left. 08 will be a whole lot better.
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    That all depends on how things go to end the year. If we finally switch up the WWE champ then I think we'll see a decent year next year but if not I don't know. I think all the other guys will need to step up big time.
  9. Guys like Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Finlay, Kane. They should have been World champ by now. All those guys have been in the wwe for a good amount of years. I would like to see Cena lose the title. Thank god khali lost the belt eh.
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    I don't think Benjamin would make a good WWE champ just yet. Down the road yes he will make a great one but right now he's an early card guy and thats how he's mostly used.

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