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Has this happened to you?


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Okay so my mom has a awesome dvd player. Her sister got it for her for christmas at around $300.00. It plays everything. I found it on ebay for sale at a much lower price from a company that had them running dutch auction syle. So mom said hey buy 2 of them. So I did and I paid for them in paypal with my mom's address so that they can be shipped to her house. Not a problem so far.... so a week goes by I have no feedback for speedy payment, I have no response as to shipping or confirming, and I have no dvd players.
I decided to send a letter asking about it. Then I get like 4 emails saying that I needed to call them because I didn't pay using my verified address.

Okay so I call them and neither of the two guys I was suppose to talk to were there and I was told by the guy who was there that my dvd's had not been shipped yet. I was then referred to call back the next day. Okay I'm a little upset now.

I call the next day and talk to the main guy. I was told that because I didn't use my verified address to pay that I had to pay again using my verified address and they would mail it to my mom's house and refund the original payment. After much deliberation I told him look I'll send payment again and I will call you right back . If the first payment is not refunded I will report you to paypal and ebay. He would not refund me until I paid with the second address.

So I paid and he refunded and said they were being shipped out that day. Next thing I know I get up the next morning and I have an alert on ebay stating that the company filed a complaint on me for non payment and I had 7 days to correct the issue or I would get a warning from ebay. NOW I'M REALLY MAD!!!
So I responded to the alert and noted when I paid for it originally and what all had happened. I'm still waiting on my dvd players which will probably be another week. I originally paid on the 7th and again on the 14th of this month. SO my question is has this stuff happened to any of you all before? Or something similar?



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WOW! NO I have never had that problem yet. I did have a buyer that purchased disney tickets I sold for a friend of mine file a complaint with paypal before but we ended up settling that issue..my freind didn't get the tickets mailed out quick enough.

Let us know when you get this resolved.


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I would suggest that you file a TWO complaints with paypal stating you've not received your merchandise. they will have to supply tracking #'s for BOTH, and if they don't you get your $$ back in a week I believe.

they sound shifty to me, and at this point, I would not do business with them at all.


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Christena...you just don't have good auction luck at all do you?? hahahahaha I am sorry, that was bad of me since it was us that messed up the first time...lol

I have not had a complaint filed on me but I had to the other day on some posters I purchased on ebay.....I paid for them over a month ago and everytime I e-mailed them I got Aggervating Auto Replies.......uggggggggg I hate those!!
Anyway, no answer to my e-mails as to where my stuff was.....so I went to ebay filed a complaint and it sent me to paypal also.....well finally the people respond hahaha and they said that they received my posters back because they were damaged in the mail...Whatever!! And that they would send them out again if I dropped my claim....but once you close a claim you can not reopen it...so I am stuck...
They refunded me for one poster off the bat....the other one they said is still in the mail somewhere....hmmmmmmmm now that is a change of story...they had said in the previous mail that they received them back damaged.........hmmmmmmmm i aint closing no claims hahahahah but will probably get neg feedback from them....or none at all.....I wont leave feedback till they leave for me......
Either I will get them in the mail or I will get my money back....paypal will get it for me.....


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They did finally refund the first payment. I'm still waiting on the dvd players though. I'll let ya'll know when/if I receive them. LOL yeah I seem to have bad luck when it comes to purchasing. I'm doing okay selling small stuff though. I bought a ps2 game for my kids ... the guy left the how to play book out and refunded me $3.00 ... bought another game a few weeks ago and waited an additonal week for the guy to leave me feedback. I already received the game and left feedback for them so I sent him 3 different emails over the course of a 2 week period asking for my feedback ... finally he sent me an email and told me to keep my pants on ... then he left feedback saying I was pushy lol .... that's just some of my stories ha ha ha