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Has the music industry become too visual?


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What I mean is has it come to a point where music is selling based on how the artist looks? It seems like up until recently bands and artists usually would come up with interesting ideas for their album art. Lately just looking around Walmart or any place that has CD's for sale it's pretty obvious that most CD's now feature a picture of the singer. I find this especially true with Rap, Pop, and Country albums.

Rock has managed to stay away from this for the most part. My guess would be because rock generally focuses on the band as a whole and not just the lead singer.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever bought or NOT bought a cd simply because you didn't like the cd art?


what? no pink?
that's interesting Andrew.

well I can honestly say that I have never even thought of that. So I guess that means that I never bought a cd by it's looks. Usually the only reason I go near the cd's is because there is something that I like and I am looking for it. The music is what sells me not the art.

very interesting concept though