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Has earth been visited by aliens?


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Until recently, I would have said no. Since finding alien skeletons in South America, the Roswell incident, the face of Mars and more, I will have to say I'm coming around. Here is hoping that if this is true, it is as good as anyone would hope and not the other way.


Free Spirit
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I think we have. Some of the sightings reported had several witnesses which makes it hard to think otherwise. One of the incidents that convinced me was the lights over Phoenix, even the governor saw that.

I don't believe all UFO reports, maybe only one percent, lots of fakes out there.


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There are many people who claim that the government is secretly working with aliens behind the scenes, including the Area 51 thing. I find it hard to believe them because it feels like they always have ulterior goals behind. The witnesses by regular citizens are what really made me interested. I always lean towards 'no' until I see one myself, but I don't think we're the only ones in this universe.


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Aliens? Yeah, it's very likely that there's tons of intelligent lifeforms out there but us? Visited?
First, they would need the technology to cover light years without serious time dilation. Next, out of trillions of planets, they would have to locate, analyze, and select ours. Then it's a whole planet vs a spacecraft. That's what I call "exceptional risk". So why would they advertise their arrival with brilliant lights?

Not saying we haven't been visited but if we have then I don't think anyone saw them. I mean, how would they know how advanced our weapons technologies are?


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If we are to assume we are the only intelligent being in the universe, then we are fools indeed. Of course there are other living beings out there and I do believe area 51 is real and contains more alien information than the general public can handle.


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If we are to assume we are the only intelligent being in the universe, then we are fools indeed.
I totally agree with you. I believe the human race is intelligent, but we can't say that we are the only ones. I also believe that aliens do exist. Whether they have visited us or not, I have no idea.


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If we are to assume we are the only intelligent being in the universe, then we are fools indeed.
There is that. And to the arguments involving the technology angle...........don't assume that we have the most advanced technology and the most advanced understanding of technology out here. If it's logical to assume that we are not the only intelligent species in the universe(s), then it is just as logical to assume that we are not the brightest bulbs in the room in regards to traversing the cosmos.


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Well that's been a question for a long time about aliens landing on earth. . So how can it be proven?. . Well for Christians and Muslims the answer is no. . They believe in God. Therefore, there are no aliens. Others on the other hand might say maybe it's possible. I'm not sure. . I think for many they can't answer.

The reason is there's no solid proof of this. . Where for example is the space ship? Anything left behind. Whose testimony really talked to an alien on earth?. . Did a person get snatched up in space? The questions range.

Well they have studied Mars. It appears that once Mars might've had water on the planet. It's possible Mars could've supported life. . That according to an article I read years ago. But there are no animal fossils as far as one knows. . So far no study proves that anyone lives on any planet visible to our powerful microscopes. How big is the universe anyway? Could these aliens be more advanced? Who said they build space ships? So far I don't think there's enough evidence to prove the alien life.

Do they exist? Not that I know of. Not from any book I have read from. The Bible for example and even the Koran talks about Earth only. The only other place is heaven in both religions beliefs of our origin. For the existence of aliens needs to be proven. If no proof exists then they can't be on Earth. So someone here has to find any articles to prove how and why aliens exist. If not, everyone will continue to scratch their heads and wonder what the real answer is to that one according to ones belief and faith. As for me I leave each individual to decide. . I don't force anyone's belief. . I only share on a personal level. Religious posting causes too much arguing and strife between members and I don't want to start that again. So I will only share what I believe. Person to person if the topic arises. .