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Has Coronavirus Killed Anybody You Know?


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Has Coronavirus killed anybody you know personally? Or has anybody you know gotten really sick with it?

I know of a couple who got it and is recovering, but nobody I know has died.

I have a few friends who have lost people though.



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There are 4 people in my church that actually have Coronavirus. Crazy since it’s only like 40-50 people in the whole church. Luckily, I have not been in contact with these individuals recently.

No one I know has died but one person I used to work with has been hospitalized over it.


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I have several friends who had it (and some still have it). One of them is in the hospital. His wife had it too, before him, and she passed already last week. I don't know anyone personally who has died but know people whose relatives did die - and they're in other countries so no travel for the burial either.


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I don't know anyone that has died from it or has had it. So far there has been no cases in the county I live in, doubt it stays that way, but we are surrounded by counties that do have a few cases and one death.


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I live in a rural area that hasn't been hit hard by the virus yet. I do not know anyone who has died. I have ties to Baltimore, though, and I feel like it's only a matter of time.


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Manitoba is doing well keeping our numbers down. Only people i know who have or know someone who does, are online people. I have no connection to any of the cases here.
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I don't know anybody personally who has died...nor do I know anybody who has it. So, I consider myself lucky.


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First death in the family. An in law, cousin. She was not in the best of health. My older sister thinks she had it and is over it - she lost her sense of taste but never got very ill otherwise. My best friend is a nurse, my wife is an EMT, my younger sister is a nurse, and lots of other nurses in the family. It seems inevitable that I might lose one.


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No. A buddy of mine went to Vegas in late February and was diagnosed with it in mid March. He was released from the hospital about two weeks ago. He’s the only one I know personally who got it.