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Xbox 360 Has anyone watched TV on GTA 4?


New Member
Has anyone actually sat down and watched TV in the game? How about listening to the radio? My favorite is I'm Rich spoof on MTV Cribs, but the "History Channel" is also pretty hilarious. On the radio, I occasionally listen to their Talk Radio.


New Member
Yeah I enjoy listening to the radio in the car, it can be funny at times. I haven't watched the TV tho.


Creeping On You
Sometimes it's hilarious listening to the radio in the cars. I'll park and just sit in a car for awhile to listen. The radio was fun to listen to in Vice City and San Andreas.


New Member
It's actually REALLY funny. You should definitely watch it whenever you have a chance. A little tip, the TV channels are better the nicer the TV/Safe House is. I noticed it today actually.


Yes, on the PS3, I have watched TV for a short amount of time and for the first few days of playing I had the radio on. After that, I turned the radio off and never watched TV again. Some of the stuff was funny and I liked a few of the songs.


Registered Member
The radio adverts are fantastic, as are the channels on the televisions.

Princess Robot Bubblegum FTW.


I usually visited the Comedy Club to get my "distractions", but I have watched some TV. I listen to the radio all the time, my favourite stations are Liberty Rock Radio (in GTAIV and TLAD) and Vice City FM (TBoGT).


Sally Twit
Before I start playing the story I always look around for things like that. The radio stations are always good.