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It seems to me like in my earlier years I do not remember commercials using the brand names of competitors and actually using their products in their commercial for comparisons. But now days a bunch of vehicle commercials as well as fast food restaurants and other businesses are doing so. Chevrolet always uses Honda in their commercial to show how much better they are, etc.

I remember when I was younger they would say "This is how our product compares to the -leading brand- etc." But now days they just flat out say the other product and show them in their ads.

Has anyone else noticed this?
Yes I have! I remember when I first noticed, because I was kind of shocked. I don't like it, I think it's petty. Just give us facts relevant to YOU and we can make up our own minds. I suppose it's fair enough if they're genuinely giving a better price/service or whatever but I just dislike the whole "we're better than them" attitude when it gets personal, and things get twisted.

I've seen a few ads that do it blatantly but not directly, if that makes sense, and they were pretty funny. I can't remember the brand though.


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Haha, oddly enough I was talking about this kinda thing with my friend the other day. He was telling me about a car advert or something. Supposedly one of the companies (BMW or someone, I don't remember)was having a billboard kinda fight with this other country, and they kept getting bigger and better billboards, until one of them finally just put a massive picture of their car with the slogan "Beat that, [other brand name]".

I lol'd when I heard it. It's funnier knowing the brand name, though. I just forgot it.


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I first noticed it with pain relievers. They'd advertise themselves as the "non-Tylenol" or "non-Aspirin" or whatever, and I'm like "Is Tylenol a bad thing? What's going on?"

Also, I love this two billboard spat (read the billboard on the left first)

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The only one that springs to mind for me is Supermarkets. They say "we're lower than them and to prove we're so sure about this we'll refund you the difference on anything they sell cheaper!" It is pretty annoying.


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Also, I love this two billboard spat (read the billboard on the left first)

That was it!! That was the one I was talking about!! :lol: Bahahaha!!! (Yes, yes, I know I got it wrong, but that was definitely it. :rofl:)
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Advertising is simply much more ruthless and much more aggressive than it ever has been. It shows because of how often we see advertising and how much of it we're exposed to.


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I don't know the current rules but I know that there's a law that said you cannot mention your competitor's name directly. Like, you can run a positive ad for you but you can't run a direct negative campaign for your competitor. So what commercials do, they use puns to look alike images to still poke at others but not "really".


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The other thing I thought about was this. What if those other companies they're bashing in their ads, actually paid those companies to be in the ads? I mean, it's not exactly positive advertising, but at least it gets their name out there right? Someone watching that ad might go to a dealer, and then make a choice between those two instead of between the advertised one and a different make and model. It'd be an interesting advertising tactic I think.