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Wii Has anybody heard of the new game coming out super smash bros. brawl


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I expect super smash bros. brawl to be a big hit on the Wii and is a reason for me to buy the Wii. I already have preordered it and the release is 12/3/07. I felt that super smach for the Gamecube was a big let down but I hope they can build on it with new characters,items and maps. I even heard that you can be solid snake which I think it's really cool.


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Yeah I went to lots of websites and looking for lots of stuff about it like some of the for sure new characters will be wario, Pit, zero suit samus, solid snake, sonic, diddy kong, and jr. bowser. and some of the new characters that might be in it are dixie kong, shadow sonic, waluigi, toad, knuckles and maybe koopa troopa. Also one of the for sure new boards will be in delfino plaza from super mario sunshine!!!!:)
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oh and i just found out some new stages, items, and characters

1.New stages
-rumble falls
-stadium battle
-yoshi's island (different)
-lylat cruise
-bridge of eldin
-smash ville
-delfino plaza

2.New items
-gooey bomb (like a stick on grenade)
-cracker launcher (a rocket laucher for fire crackers)
-crates & and barrels (different cause they match to the stage)
-banana peel (odvious what it does but ill tell everyone anyway makes people slip and fall)
-bumper (this time instead of throwing it on the ground you can throw it in the air and it will stay)
-super scope (this time its rapid fire not only on the ground but also in the air)

3.new characters
-zero suit samus
-solid snake
-diddy kong


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Now I have a ton of information way more info. than before if anyone cares.


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I was really disappointed when I heard solid snake was going to be in the game. That destroys the whole gimmick of the game: Nintendo favorites beat the crap out of each-other. Not that snake won't be a good character, I just think it's straying a bit from what made most fans love the first two games. And, the banana peel isn't new. It was in melee, and probably the first game.

I'm fairly sure that Ridley (along with Diddy, and sonic) hasn't been confirmed yet as a cameo, let alone a full fledged character. I think what will happen is that Ridley will appear as an assist trophy. In case you don't know what those are, they are essentially poke-balls. The difference is only that they are not limited to poke-mon. I think, even without a completely Nintendo cast, it's shaping up to be a wonderful game that'll attract even more fans. I can't wait!
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I just hope the Wii-mote can be utilized in fight moves more than it is in Twilight Princess. Swinging the Wii-mote shouldn't just result in a random attack swing in the game. Speed and angle should be taken into account. On Zelda it was just random. They basically replaced pressing "A" with swinging.


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From what i just read it looks like an awesome game and im so getting it!


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yeah putting in snake is a big mistake. i also heard that there putting back in mr. game and watch and ness whitch are just a dumb reason to put in characters. o and also that riddley is going to be a boss and diddy will be in i checked, and theres huge probability of geno, and sonic being in. I also have twice as many updates as last time but I dont have my note with all the info. right now. so ill probaly post alot in a few days