Hartford Whaler fans must be pissed


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Seriously, the Hurricanes are doing it again. Since moving from Hartford to Carolina the team has won a Stanley Cup, lost in the Stanley Cup finals and makes the playoffs all the time. I dont think they won a playoff series in Hartford...makes ya wonder if those people root for Carolina or not! I dont know if I would to be honest.

Nobody talks about them but yet again they are in the Eastern Conference Finals. I wouldnt be shocked if they won that one too.


Son of Liberty
You know whats funny to is that Carolina is such an Underdog. I'll admit I hear "Oh hows the Carolina Hurricanes doing this year" and I just sorta laugh and think, meh its carolina...

But truth be told (and I'm gonna eat some crow here), they have a good team. I didnt think Cam Ward had it in him to do it again, and to be honest I'm glad he's proving me wrong. I'm not a huge fan of the Staals, so thats no biggie here, but really I do think that Cam is a big thing for Carolina (as much as I thought he wasnt prior to the first round of the playoffs).

But I bet you're right, must sorta be like the Nordiques fans felt like when Colorado put on that great show :hah:... But of Course the Jets fans must just be laughing at the ploy of the 'Yotes.


Sultan of Swat
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Yeah it does suck for the Whalers, the Hurricanes already won a Stanley Cup, they also lost in the Finals against the Red Wings. They have a chance to make it back to the Stanley Cup finals again this season.

Their one of the hottest teams in the league right now.