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Movies Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows


Oh man. I am so excited. You have no idea how excited I am. It cannot be measured in words.

I have refused to look at articles or promos or anything but the first trailer because I want to go in cold and squeal over everything. A bunch of my friends have plans to go to a midnight showing around here, and I have a Hogwarts cloak, so I will be dressing up as Ginny.

I'm really glad that they are doing this book in two parts - it really deserves the attention to detail that requires that much time.


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I'm an HP fan, more of the books than the movies, and I'm really looking forward to this first half! :hyper: It's soooon.


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:eek:mg: Man, I cannot wait for this. Like ys, I am a bigger fan of the books than the movies, but the movies don't really disappoint too much imo. I am looking forward to seeing how they bring the book across in what will be the darkest most involved part of the story thus far.


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Sometimes movies ruin the books for me because they cut it too much and it just doesn't make any damned sense (Hello Order of Phoenix) But I am really looking forward to this 'sequel' of Deathly Hallows, been waiting for a while, I don't remember ANYTHING from the book, which is a good thing, in words of Sheldon Cooper "Surprise me" :D


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I am super excited about this movie. I am an avid fan. I want to watch in 3D if it is available in our country. Super....excited!


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It was ok and Emma Watson looks stunning but it did miss a lot of bits out from the book which is one of the reason why I am always sceptical of book adaption films. Very long duration also. The second one will be better as that is where the real action begins and is the main part.